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People with mental illness less likely to get cancer screening
People with mental illness get screened for cancer at much lower rates than the general population, which may contribute to higher rates of cancer deaths among the mentally ill, researchers say.
Iran film enjoys special screening in Italy
Award-winning Iranian flick ‘Dressage’ had special screening at “Middle East Now" fest in Italy on July 30.
Iran pioneer in screening of children
Deputy minister of Iranian Ministry of Education in elementary education said Iran is among pioneers of screening of children.
Colon cancer screening can save your life
With colorectal cancer being found in an increasing number of younger adults, the pressure is on to screen millions more.
Lowering age for cervical cancer screening to be debated by MPs
MPs are to debate lowering the age for cervical cancer screenings from 25 to 18 following the release of an online petition that's amassed more than 130,000 signatures.
Could DNA screening test become norm to detect genetic diseases?
While adding DNA sequencing to the screening of newborns for hundreds of potential genetic diseases may help accurately identify babies who will develop a disease, it could be too early to recommend for the general public, say researchers.
More doctors say men should think twice about prostate cancer screening
Most men shouldn’t get routine prostate cancer screening because the potential benefits are small and there are clear harms, an international panel of experts concluded.
US doctors not likely to explain pros, cons of lung cancer screening
Many US doctors don’t discuss the harms of lung cancer screening or the potential for overdiagnosis in conversations with current and former smokers about whether tests are necessary, two new studies suggested.
Bowel cancer screening to start earlier at age 50 in England
Bowel cancer screening in England is to start earlier, at age 50, Public Health England has announced.
Breast cancer screening guidelines may miss minorities
Breast cancer screening guidelines are based mainly on scientific data from white women, and that bias could cause delayed detection of the disease in minorities, researchers reported.
New guidelines recommend depression screening for all teens
The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued updated guidelines that call for yearly depression screening for all adolescents.
Study revives argument over mammogram screening
Yearly mammograms starting at age of 40 would prevent the most deaths from breast cancer, US researchers reported in a challenge to more conservative recommendations that take into account both the harms and the benefits of screening.
Prolactin receptor screening  could improve breast cancer treatments
Screening breast cancer patients for the prolactin receptor could minimize the need for invasive treatments, researchers found in a new study.
'Beyond Your Hands' awaits int'l primiere
Iranian short film 'Beyond Your Hands' by Zarina Naderi will go on screen at Ozark Shorts in the US.

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