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Indonesian agency says it expects rainy season to help end forest fires soon
Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency (BNPB) said it expects forest fires that have been raging through parts of Sumatra Island and in Kalimantan on the Indonesian portion of Borneo island will end soon with the arrival of the rainy season.
China to set stricter targets for polluting cities in heating season
China’s Environment Ministry said on Friday that the anti-pollution campaign for this year’s autumn-winter heating season will set stricter emissions targets for cities that had higher concentrations of damaging particles last time around.
California's flu season death toll tops 40: Report
So far, this flu season has claimed 42 lives in California alone, The Los Angeles Times reported.
Britain rail season tickets to jump by £100 for many commuters as 3.1% rise kicks in
Rail fares have issued another ‘kick in the wallet’ to British commuters by increasing by an average of 3.1 percent.
How to prevent another widespread flu season this year
As people are getting together with friends and family, it is important to practice good hygiene, said Dr. Jennifer Lee, a family medicine physician with Wright State Physicians. That includes washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough.
CDC: Flu season continuing its decline
Spring continues to take the bite out of this year's brutal flu season, new numbers showed.
Humans to blame for 84 percent of wildfires, longer wildfire season
Wildfires are getting bigger, more frequent and occurring during a larger portion of the calendar year. And new research suggested humans are largely to blame.
Gorgan Wall undergoing new excavation season
The eighth excavation season of Gorgan Wall has begun in cooperation with Iranian and international archeologists, said the head of Gorgan Wall Archeological Project.
Yellowstone wildfire season called one of worst in decades
The wildfire season this summer in Yellowstone is being called the worst in decades.
A new form of frozen water?
Amid the season known for transforming Nebraska into an outdoor ice rink, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln-led research team has predicted a new molecular form of the slippery stuff that even Mother Nature has never borne.

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