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The right way to consume nuts and seeds for weight loss
How is it that you consume nuts? Do you eat them raw, or roast them in ghee or olive oil? If you want to lose weight, then neither of the two are going to help you effectively.
The amount of pumpkin seeds you should eat to prevent high blood sugar
Diabetes affects almost four million people in the UK, and 90 percent of all cases are type 2 diabetes.
Sunflower seeds traced as source of mold, liver carcinogen
A study from Michigan State University (MSU) showed that sunflower seeds are frequently contaminated with a toxin produced by molds that pose a health risk.
Seeds offer clue to domesticated plants' larger size
The seeds of domesticated plants could offer clues as to why cultivated crops are larger than their wild cousins, researchers suggested.
Washington plants seeds of fear about China: Analyst
The US exaggerates China’s military threat in a bid to make Beijing look frightening in the eyes of the American public, says a political commentator and journalist in Atlanta, Georgia.

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