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Sanders’s victory in New Hampshire is warning to DNC: Analyst
US Senator Bernie Sanders’s victory in New Hampshire shows his base of support is solid and likely immovable, a warning to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
Republican senator ‘disturbed’ at GOP stance on Trump’s impeachment trial
US Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from the state of Alaska, says she was disturbed to hear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say there would be “total coordination” between the White House and the Senate over the upcoming impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.
Social media users launch #unfollowTrump movement after senator unfollows Trump
Critics of US President Donald Trump launched the #unfollowTrump movement on Twitter Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said he would unfollow Trump’s “hate-filled, racist, and demeaning” feed.
US senator introduces bill to punish bin Salman, Saudi over rights abuses
A senior Republican senator in the US Congress has introduced a bipartisan bill that would punish Saudi Arabia for its extensive violations of human rights, including the war on the people of Yemen and over the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
US senator warns about lies leading to war: Vietnam, Iraq, Iran
US Senator Tom Carper spoke on the Senate floor regarding escalating tensions between the United States and Iran nearly one year after the Trump Administration pulled the US out of the carefully negotiated Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
US senator warns UK over Huawei ties, says security alliance at risk
The United States could cut off security ties with the UK if the government of Prime Minister Theresa May proceeds with plans to involve Chinese telecommunications company Huawei in the development of Britain's next-generation internet network, a top US senator has warned.
Senator Michael Bennet says has cancer, will have surgery
United States Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, previously mentioned as a possible contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, said on Wednesday that he will undergo surgery for prostate cancer during the upcoming legislative break.
Sanders leads poll of young Democrats by double digits
Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who has announced he is running for president again, holds a double-digit lead among young voters in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, a poll shows.
America has ugly history of racism: 2020 Dem presidential contender
Influential Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has slammed America's "ugly history" of racism and pointed to her bill to address housing discrimination against African Americans.
Sen. Warren announces run for 2020, calls Trump administration 'most corrupt'
US Senator Elizabeth Warren has called the Trump administration "the most corrupt" as she formally launched her bid for the 2020 presidential election.
US senator John McCain dead at 81
John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam who ran unsuccessfully for US president as a self-styled maverick Republican in 2008 and became a prominent critic of President Donald Trump, died on Saturday, his office said. He was 81.
US senator after data on Trump's mansion sale to Russian billionaire
A US top senator is seeking information about US President Donald Trump’s sale of his estate in Florida to a Russian millionaire amid the so-called Russia probe.
Senator Bob Corker slams Trump as ‘utterly untruthful’
The ongoing public dispute between US President Donald Trump and top Republican Senator Bob Corker has escalated after Trump attacked Corker for his skepticism over a $1.5 trillion tax cut. Corker responded by slamming the Republican president as an "utterly untruthful" leader who "debases" his country.
Former US Republican senator says Trump is 'sick of mind,' and should be removed from office
A former US Republican Senator has called on lawmakers to support calls President Donald Trump's removal from office, calling him “sick of mind.”
Trump-friendly senator parrots ‘regime change’ calls against Iran
A US senator who reportedly advises US President Donald Trump’s White House on foreign policy has repeated baseless allegations against Iran, claiming that Tehran poses danger to the security of the United States.

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