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A rare natural phenomenon brings severe drought to Australia
By Nicky Wright, Bethany Ellis and Nerilie Abram*
Severe pollution drives car rationing in Delhi
The Indian capital, Delhi, has launched a car rationing system as it battles hazardous levels of pollution.
Hard border, severe disruption to Northern Ireland's economy, job losses likely in no-deal Brexit
A hard border in the event of a no-deal Brexit is likely and Northern Ireland will face job losses and road blockages, a leaked official UK government document warned.
MPs warn no-deal Brexit would cause 'severe disruption' to economy, jobs
A no-deal Brexit would not be pursued by any ‘responsible" government because of the ‘severe disruption’ it would cause, an influential committee of MPs warned.
Schools in Wales not aware of severe allergies, campaigner says
Schools are ‘not aware’ of the need to offer allergy lessons to children, the mother of a boy with a potentially fatal allergy said.
Soy baby formula linked to severe menstrual cramps later in life
Feeding infant girls baby formula containing soy may set them up for more painful menstrual periods as young women, a new study suggests.
Concern for severe climate change grows as Sweden’s highest peak melts away
Researchers expressed concern on Thursday about the rapid pace of climate change, after a glacier on Sweden’s Kebnekaise mountain melted so much in sweltering Arctic temperatures that it is no longer the country’s highest point.
Severe eczema linked to increased risk  for heart attack, stroke
Sufferers of severe eczema may be at greater risk for heart attack, stroke and irregular heartbeat, British researchers reported.
Children’s mental health crisis getting more severe in UK
Britain is confronting a mental health crisis because resources for children are so stretched that some only receive help if they seriously self-harm or attempt suicide, Barnardo’s has warned.
Severe bullying tied to mental health woes in teens
Teens who were severely bullied as children are at increased risk for mental health problems and suicide attempts, a Canadian study found.
California to lift severe mandatory water conservation rules
California prepared to lift severe mandatory water conservation orders imposed at the height of the state's multi-year drought, after a wet winter led to swelling reservoirs and a deep snowpack in numerous parts of the state.
Severe drought threatening Brazil
The sign — 'risk of drowning' — outside one of Rio de Janeiro's freshwater reservoirs looks like a joke: there's no water here left to drown in.
Severe disturbances weaken world's temperate forests
Longer, more severe, and hotter droughts and a myriad of other threats, including diseases and more extensive and severe wildfires, are threatening to transform some of the world's temperate forests, a new study published in Science has found.
Severe flooding in Myanmar slows rescue efforts
Severe flooding across Myanmar has hampered rescue efforts as thousands are sheltered at monasteries there.

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