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DR Congo nabs 40 for protesting sexual violence
Forty civil rights campaigners were held overnight after they staged a protest in DR Congo over sexual violence in the country's conflict-torn central region, activists said Tuesday.
New York sues ex-Hollywood mogul over sexual misconduct
The attorney general of the US state of New York has sued the Weinstein Company and Harvey Weinstein, alleging years of sexual harassment and misconduct by the disgraced Hollywood film producer.
One in five experience sexual harassment at UK Parliament: Report
Nearly one in five people working in Britain’s Parliament were sexually harassed or witnessed inappropriate behavior in the past year, said a report commissioned after a series of sex scandals at Westminster.
Reported sexual harassment up sharply in German military
Germany’s Armed Forces and its civil administration and procurement authorities, the Bundeswehr, reported 14 cases of rape, or attempted rape, in 2017, a near three-fold increase over the previous year, when five cases were reported, according to a report published in the Saturday newspapers by the Funke media group in Germany.
Sexual assault reports in US military reach record high: Pentagon
The Pentagon says the number of sexual assault reports it receives hit a record high last year, with an increase in the frequency of reported attacks from one in three.
Report uncovers 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse against UN peacekeepers
A new investigation has uncovered about 2,000 allegations of sexual misconduct against UN peacekeepers and personnel in the past 12 years as the international organization continues to “grapple” with sexual exploitation by members of its ranks.
Trump in hot water over lewd talk about women
Donald Trump, facing the deepest crisis of his presidential campaign, apologized early Saturday for crude and aggressively sexual remarks about women that he made in 2005, as criticism swelled from within his Republican Party.
500 French politicians denounce sexual harassment in politics
French deputy speaker resigns over sexual scandal
Sexual dysfunction, fifth cause of divorce
By Sadeq Dehqan & Farzam Vanaki
Survey: Sexual abuse widespread on Paris trains
A new survey shows that a shocking number of women have been subjected to sexually-motivated abuse at some point in their lives on trains and the metro in the French capital city of Paris.
ISIL conducting systematic sexual crimes against Izadis: HRW
Human Rights Watch says ISIL terrorists have conducted systematic sexual crimes against Izadi women and girls in northern Iraq.

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