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Research shows dramatic impact of Australian shark culls
Australian researchers believe they have detected a dramatic decline in shark numbers over the last half century, findings that could challenge the use of culls as a way of responding to attacks.
Researchers tag third great white shark during Nova Scotia expedition
Researchers looking for a possible great white shark mating site off Nova Scotia, Canada, are having a successful expedition so far, after tagging their third mature male great white shark.
Research reveals secret to whale shark hotspots
A study has uncovered the secret to why endangered whale sharks gather on mass at just a handful of locations around the world.
Australia’s ancient language shaped by sharks
The tiger shark was having a really bad day.
Shark scavenging analysis aids the study of human remains
New research into the scavenging behavior of sharks is helping forensic scientists analyze human remains.
400-year-old Greenland shark ‘longest-living vertebrate’
Greenland sharks are now the longest-living vertebrates known on Earth, scientists say.
Shark jelly is strong proton conductor
Sharks have a sixth sense that helps them locate prey in murky ocean waters.
Great white shark found in 'safe seas' of European holiday hotspots
This week the image of a huge dead great white shark posted online highlighted the apparent danger that could lurk in the water at tourist traps on the Mediterranean Sea.
Whale inside a whale, eaten by a shark
It's like a prehistoric turducken, but on a colossal scale: Scientists in Egypt have discovered the remains of a 40 million-year-old whale with another whale inside it, and researchers believe the two were then eaten by sharks.

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