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Germany warns of medical products shortage if Brexit chaotic: paper
Germany could face shortages of medical products by mid-April if Britain makes a chaotic withdrawal from the European Union, German business daily Handelsblatt said on Thursday, citing a letter by Health Minister Jens Spahn to the EU Commission.
Report: Scottish children’s health at risk due to doctor shortage
The health of Scottish children is at risk because of a shortage of pediatric doctors, a new report warned.
Skills shortage stopping many Asian companies from embracing AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to speed up innovation in Asia Pacific over the next few years but less than half of the companies today are using the technology, according to a report from Microsoftand International Data Corporation.
Japan's labor shortage hits 45-year high
There were 161 jobs for every 100 jobseekers on average last year in Japan, the highest ratio since 1973, highlighting the labor shortage in the world's third-largest economy and its ageing society.
Terminal breast cancer patients 'abandoned' in nurse shortage
Thousands of incurable breast cancer patients are being denied a dedicated specialist nurse, according to Breast Cancer Care.
Protest over water shortage held in southern Iran
Hundreds of protesters in the southern Iranian city of Borazjan took to the streets on Sunday for a second day, calling on the country’s officials to resolve the water crisis in the city.
Rohingya at risk of deadly diphtheria face shortage of medics: MSF
An international medical charity says health workers in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are struggling with a shortage of medics able to administer antitoxins to patients infected with diphtheria.
Food shortage is not the global crisis, lack of access to food is the issue
"Genome editing is not the answer to world poverty, because food shortage isn't the problem' said a group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) surveyed by the University of Nottingham.
Energy official: No shortage at home while power supply to Iraq met
Iran produced enough electricity throughout summer to meet a significant portion of Iraq's power demands without creating shortages at home, said a deputy energy minister.
South Korean electronics industry struggling to overcome labor shortage
South Korea's electronics industry, including semiconductor manufacturers, has been struggling with a shortage of workers, an industry report showed.
Japan labor shortage hits new extreme
Labor shortages in Japan have reached a new level of severity, with more permanent jobs open than applicants for the first time on record.
Water shortage can destroy cultures
Something really drastic must have happened to end the Classic Maya Period in the Ninth Century. Within a short period of time, this advanced civilization in Central America went from flourishing to collapsing — the population dwindling rapidly and monumental stone structures, like the ones built at Yucatán, were no longer being constructed. The reason for this demise remains the subject of debate even today. Model calculations by TU Wien may have found the explanation: the irrigation technology that served the Mayans well during periods of drought may have actually made their society more vulnerable to major catastrophes, Science Daily reported.
Dementia care in crisis over fund shortage
Figures from healthcare analysts Laing Buisson show one local authority is paying only half the minimum needed to provide safe residential care.
Shortage of nurses, a global crisis
Shortage of nurses is a global crisis, said a deputy minister of health.

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