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100 feel sick on Emirates flight to New York
As many as 100 passengers and crew reported feeling ill on Wednesday during an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York, and health workers were evaluating them as the airplane sat on the tarmac of JFK International Airport, authorities said.
Why exercise could be making you sick
Could exercise be making you sick? Up to half of athletes experience some form of gastrointestinal discomfort while exercising.
Greece as sick as ever
In May, Greece will start its eighth year as a patient in the hospital for financially wounded eurozone countries. Having joined Europe’s currency union in January 2001, and having received the first of three rescues worth a combined €260 billion in May 2010, the country is on course for a fourth aid transfusion next year.
Wearable biosensors tell when you are getting sick
Can your smart watch detect when you are becoming sick? A new study from Stanford, publishing in PLOS Biology, indicates that this is possible.
Overstressed seaweed more likely to get sick
When seaweeds become stressed by high water temperatures or pollution, normally harmless bacteria can trigger bleaching disease.
If this picture makes you feel sick, you could have an overactive brain
Look deeply at the plant… How do you feel? Sweaty palms, racing heart, a general feeling of unease and that the walls are closing in?
Scientists breach brain barrier to treat sick patient
For the first time, doctors have breached the human brain's protective layer to deliver cancer-fighting drugs.
Analyst:Americans are sick and tired of US wars for Israel
Americans are supporting the international movement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel because they are sick and tired of Washington’s support for Tel Aviv, says a political commentator in Los Angeles.

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