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Babies with normal head size might still have Zika-linked brain damage
Fetal brain damage caused by the Zika virus can go undetected in pregnancy and can occur even if a baby's head size is normal, research in monkeys suggested.
Astrophysicists identify composition of earth-size planets in TRAPPIST-1 system
A University of Oklahoma post-doctoral astrophysics researcher, Billy Quarles, has identified the possible compositions of the seven planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system.
Size matters to lizards, but numbers may not
The quantitative abilities of lizards may have their limits.
Diamond size of Earth discovered
A diamond the size of Earth has been discovered by astronomers — providing proof our own Sun will one day also become a planet sized gemstone.
Baby's size at birth may predict risk for disease later in life
A new research suggests that being overweight might be better in the long term than being underweight. Of course, this discovery only applies to the weight of newborn babies in relation to risk of future disease.
Hand size appears to stay constant, providing natural 'ruler'
People tend to perceive their dominant hand as staying relatively the same size even when it's magnified, lending support to the idea that we use our hand as a constant perceptual "ruler" to measure the world around us.

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