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France slams US for forcing own weapons on NATO allies
France’s defense chief blasted the US for trying to force its NATO allies into purchasing American arms and equipment above anything else, days after President Emmanuel Macron held Washington to blame for the Western military bloc’s “brain death.”
China slams new US sanctions imposed over oil deals with Iran
China has lambasted the “bullying” United States for imposing new sanctions on Chinese entities and individuals over shipping oil from Iran.
Iran slams US sanctions on Russia
Iran’s Foreign Ministry denounced the new sanctions that the US has imposed on Russia as an act of economic terrorism.
Iran slams West's uacceptable practice on human rights
Iran's Permanent Mission in the United Nations office and other International organizations in a letter criticized West's unacceptable practice as regard human rights.
Pompeo slams release of "American Taliban" as unconscionable: Fox
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the pending release on Thursday of John Walker Lindh, the American captured in 2001 fighting for the Taliban, and said he believed the decision needed to be reviewed.
Pakistan PM slams hotel attack as bid to damage economy
An attack on a luxury hotel in the southwestern city of Gwadar was a bid to "sabotage prosperity", Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday, as police confirmed all the attackers had been killed.
Iran mission to UN slams US for violating Resolution 2231, pressuring others to do so
Iran’s mission to the UN has blasted the US for violating Resolution 2231 — which endorsed a 2015 multilateral nuclear deal — and “shamelessly” threatening other UN members to do the same, saying such an approach is “destructive and hypocritical.”
Turkey slams US anti-Iran choice
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu criticized US recent act against the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) which is the official military organization of Iran.
Venezuela slams US for urging UN to recognize Guaido as new president
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has denounced as “arrogant” US Vice President Mike Pence for calling on the UN Security Council to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as the new president of the Latin American state.
Pak journalist slams Trump’s Golan decision
Renowned Pakistani journalist says recognition of Zionist occupation over Golan Heights is violation of UN Security Council Resolutions.
Watchdog slams 'extremely costly' probation changes in UK
Failings by the Ministry of Justice in the part-privatization of probation services have been ‘extremely costly’ for taxpayers in the UK, the National Audit Office (NAO) said.
US VP Pence slams EU over its position on Iran, Russia, Venezuela
US Vice President Mike Pence has lambasted European powers once again over their position on Iran, Venezuela and Russia, launching a renewed attack on Washington’s traditional allies.
Trump slams AP as 'fake news' for changing his comments on midterm elections
US President Donald Trump has called the Associated Press “fake news” over a headline it had on a story about comments Trump made on the midterm congressional elections, saying the AP headline was misleading.
Russia slams Bolton's Syria claim: We're not stuck
Russia has blasted claims by US National Security Adviser John Bolton that it's "stuck" in Syria, warning American officials against making such remarks while their own troops are also on the ground in the conflict-ridden Arab country.
Iran slams Netherlands 'unconstructive' expulsion of embassy staffers
Iran has slammed an "unconstructive" move by the Netherlands to deport two Iranian embassy staffers, saying the Islamic Republic reserves the right to take a reciprocal measure.

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