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Eurozone economy set to slow further in 2020
The eurozone economy will slow down in 2020 for the third consecutive year, according to a Financial Times poll of economists, who forecast it will be held back by political instability, trade tensions and disruption in the auto industry.
Reuters poll: Taiwan's economy to slow in Q4 as falter
Taiwan’s economic growth probably slowed in the fourth quarter as the island’s technology exports were hit by softening global demand and fallout from the US-China trade war.
Slow recycler Turkey seeks better uses for its trash
Turkish woman Tulay Gercek stands in front of a vending machine at a busy Istanbul metro station but instead of putting coins into a slot, she crams plastic bottles into a hole.
Slow motion playback makes football referees harsher
Football referees penalize situations more severely when watching them in slow motion compared to real time, according to a study published in the open access journal of the Psychonomic Society, Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.
Lifestyle changes may slow, prevent dementia
Simple changes to your lifestyle might delay the start of dementia or slow its progression, a new report suggested.
China property, finance go slow in  Q4
Growth in China’s real estate and financial sector slowed in the fourth quarter of 2016, despite an uptick in the overall service sector that contributed to better-than-expected GDP growth in the quarter, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data showed.
Broccoli compound can slow aging signs
Fine lines creeping across your face, and the inevitable aches and pains that come with your advancing years — if you, like most, want to delay the depressing signs of aging, new research suggests a simple answer: Eat your greens.
Investors still slow to act on climate change
Investors are still slow to act on climate change, despite being more aware of risks to their portfolios, as they focus more on the short term and are unclear about the costs, senior executives told Reuters.
Having more children may slow aging process
A study by Simon Fraser University researchers suggests that the number of children born to a woman influences the rate at which her body ages.
James will never slow with age
At some point, LeBron James will succumb to age, but not yet. And certainly not against the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night. James was superb for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He scored 31 points, dished out eight assists and grabbed seven rebounds as the Cavaliers overcame a nine-point deficit in the fourth quarter to win 118-114.
Slow eaters feel full sooner
A new research shows that people who eat slowly feel fuller and think they have eaten more than those who eat quickly.
Senolytic drugs slow ageing process
A research team from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Mayo Clinic and other institutions, has identified a new class of drugs that in animal models dramatically slows the aging process, alleviating symptoms of frailty, improving cardiac function and extending a healthy lifespan.
Calorie-restricting diets slow aging
The adage 'you are what you eat' has been around for years. Now, important new research provides another reason to be careful with your calories.

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