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US-China trade deal won't stop global economic slowdown
The US and China appear to be close to ending a tariff fight that hurt financial markets and dented economic activity worldwide, but that's not going to stop the slowdown already seen in the global economy, experts said on Monday.
Bank CEO: Asia has 'mitigating factors' to counter global growth slowdown
Global growth is expected to slow in the coming months, but Asian economies could hold up reasonably well, thanks to several ‘mitigating factors’, according to the chief executive of Southeast Asia's largest bank.
Rising number of US businesses report sales and profit slowdown at the end of 2018
A rising number of US businesses saw falling sales and lower profit margins at the end of 2018, another sign that the American economy could be slowing.
Industrial orders fall in latest sign of German economic slowdown
Trade frictions, risks linked to Britain’s possible departure from the European Union this year without a deal and weaker growth in emerging markets are putting the brakes on a nine-year upswing in Europe’s economic powerhouse.
Top IMF economist predicts 'sharper' US slowdown in 2020
Americans will begin feeling the effects next year of a marked slowing in world economic growth but should be spared a new recession, the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund said
China’s economy is cooling but not at risk of a sharp slowdown
China reported better-than-expected industrial output and retail sales but a key investment gauge fell to a fresh record low, highlighting the challenges facing Beijing as it tries to support the economy in the face of rising US tariffs.
Slowdown in eurozone inflation to 1.3%  confirmed in final reading
Inflation in the eurozone pulled further from the European Central Bank’s target in January, according to a final reading from the bloc’s statistics agency.
As Earth's rotation slows down, scientists predict more intense earthquakes
Geologists have warned that deadly earthquakes could become more frequent in the coming year and that they are likely to be caused by the slowing down of the Earth's rotation.
IMF warns Portugal facing "slowdown"
The International Monetary Fund warned Portugal it was facing a slowdown due to the country's anti-austerity approach.
IMF warns of emerging markets slowdown
Emerging markets are suffering an unprecedented and broad-based slowdown that threatens the future of the global economy, researchers at the International Monetary Fund have warned.

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