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Having this smell in your urine could mean you are at risk of type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes affects more than one million people and many of them are unaware they have the condition as they have not been diagnosed. A certain smell in your urine could mean you are at risk. Have you noticed this smell?
Keen sense of smell linked to longer life
Older adults with a poor sense of smell may die sooner than their counterparts who have keen olfactory abilities, a US study suggests.
Stem cell may explain why dogs have such good sense of smell
Why did some mammals, like dogs, develop such a powerful sense of smell, while others, like humans, get stuck with a relatively puny olfactory system?
Smell receptors could help sniff out health problems, researchers say
Smell receptors found throughout the body could help diagnose and treat diseases, including cancer, according to a new review of studies.
Chinese ancient town says no to disturbing smell of foods
The ancient town of Pingyao has decided to ban all businesses selling foods that have a strong smell, as an effort to improve its environment. The government of Pingyao County in north China's Shanxi Province has ordered that all eateries selling food such as stinky tofu and barbecue should close down between May 5 and 10. Businesses that disobey the order will be shut down and fined, Xinhua wrote.
Asthma drug helps kidney patients regain sense of smell
A common problem among chronic kidney disease patients is a loss of the sense of smell, which could lead to an inadequate diet, researchers said.
Sense of smell more powerful than you think
When it comes to our sense of smell, we have been led to believe that animals win out over humans: No way can we compete with dogs and rodents, some of the best sniffers in the animal kingdom.
Smell test could help identify dementia
A simple smelling test could detect dementia years before it strikes, a study has revealed.
Love that fresh smell after rain?
Most of us think of that sweet smell after a storm as the aftereffect of rain that has rinsed the air of pollutants and dust. But it turns out that rain also triggers the release of a mist of particles from wet soils into the air, a finding with consequences of its own for how scientists model our planet's climate and future.

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