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Smog shuts schools, universities in Iran
Air pollution forced the closure of schools and universities in parts of Iran on Saturday, including Tehran, which was cloaked by a cloud of toxic smog.
Indian capital in 'day-to-day battle' with smog as cool weather sets in
Cooler temperatures and lighter wind trapped heavy smog over the Indian capital on Wednesday, pushing pollution to “severe” levels in many places with no immediate relief in sight, government agencies said.
Thai prime minister advises masks against Bangkok smog
Thailand’s prime minister has urged people in Bangkok to wear face masks to filter out unhealthy air pollution as smog enveloped the capital.
Smog spikes in North China in first four months of 2019: Ministry
Air pollution in major regions of northern China increased during the first four months of 2019, the country’s environment ministry said on Friday, raising fears that regions have eased curbs on industry to halt the smog amid concerns about a slowing economy.
Study: China could lift life expectancy by nearly three years if it meets WHO smog standards
China could raise average life expectancy by 2.9 years if it improves air quality to levels recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), according a new study from a US research group.
New Delhi homeless to be given masks as smog worsens
New Delhi's homeless will be given cotton masks to help them survive in the world's most polluted major city, officials say, although experts say the basic coverings will be useless against deadly smog particles.
China signals slower growth is acceptable to curb debt, poverty and smog
China can achieve a goal of doubling the size of its economy by 2020 even if annual expansion slows to 6.3 percent, according to a senior Communist Party official, signaling a greater willingness to tackle debt and pollution at the expense of growth.
Smog may harm bones in older adults
Exposure to air pollution can increase the risk for osteoporosis and broken bones in older adults, a new US study suggested.
China's capital issues orange alert for upcoming smog
Beijing issued its first orange smog alert ahead of winter on Friday, forecasting heavy air pollution over the next four days, the second-highest alert in China's four-tier emergency response system.
Polish activists complain to EU about toxic smog
Polish environmental groups filed a complaint with the European Union against national and local authorities for failing to fight lethal levels of smog.
Polish activists complain to EU about toxic smog
Polish environmental groups filed a complaint with the European Union against national and local authorities for failing to fight lethal levels of smog.
Paris tries something different in fight against smog
Last week, Paris suffered its fourth smog of the winter and tried a new idea to protect its residents from the worst effects. Like many European cities, the Paris region has a well-established system of emergency actions that escalate if smog persists. Initial steps include health warnings, reduced speed limits and restrictions on lorries in the city center. Final steps include cheaper public (€3.80 for a day pass), and bans on half of cars, using an odd/even number plate system, The Guardian wrote.
Chinese rights lawyers set sights on smog
Toxic smog has found itself in the dock in China, as the authorities are taken to court over a problem that has choked entire regions, put public health at risk and forced the closure of schools and roads.
Chinese authorities tell local weather forecasters to stop issuing smog alerts
Chinese authorities have asked an unnamed Chinese province to turn off its early warning alert system for smog to avoid mismatches between environment and meteorological authority forecasts, state media reported.
Northern China residents complain as smog alert enters fifth day
Northern China was shrouded in smog for a fifth straight day on Wednesday as citizens complained that the state's emergency measures were still not being implemented properly.

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