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Intelligence forces bust gun-smuggling ring in northern Iran
Iran’s intelligence forces dismantled a gun-smuggling ring in the northern province of Golestan.
Leader urges police serious action against smuggling, cyberspace insecurity
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei urged the country’s police forces to seriously counter smuggling and factors behind the cyberspace insecurity.
'Sudan state of emergency meant to curb smuggling'
Sudan's newly appointed First Vice President Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf says the state of emergency declared across the country is aimed at stopping smuggling activities "destroying" the economy, not targeting the ongoing anti-government demonstrations.
Massive arms cache of terrorists seized in Southern Iran
Iranian security forces seized a considerable amount of semi-heavy weapons and ammunition in Kerman province in Southern Iran.
Minister: Unification of currency rates stems smuggling
Minister of Economy Masoud Karbasian said that the government's recent decision on the unification of official and free-market rates will prevent smuggling of goods.
S. Korea watchdog busts 23 on suspicion of smuggling
South Korean food safety watchdog said it has busted seven people suspected of illegally importing edible pigments sold at a French store, in a case that also involved 16 other people who allegedly made and distributed macarons containing the pigments.
People smuggling 'boosted, not broken' by Europe migration policy
European governments have contributed to the European 'migration crisis' by blaming people smugglers, rather than conflict, for increased migration to Europe. The failure to open up safe and legal routes to protection and the focus on border security has actually driven demand for the smugglers, a major new academic research project concludes.
Study: Migrant smuggling worth up to $6b in 2015
International law enforcement agencies said smuggling networks cashing in on the huge flow of migrants and refugees into Europe had an estimated turnover last year of up to $6 billion.
Daesh continues smuggling oil to Turkey: Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the flow of oil smuggled by Daesh across the Syrian-Turkish border is continuing despite attacks on the terror group’s infrastructure, and the UN Security Council’s ban on the illegal trade.
Criminals smuggling firearms into UK by post
Firearms are increasingly being smuggled into the UK using parcel couriers, giving rise to the threat of a Paris-style terrorist attack, Britain’s top firearms officer has warned.
Iranians executed in Saudi Arabia for drug smuggling: Report
Three Iranian citizens have reportedly been executed in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of smuggling large amounts of hashish to the kingdom by sea.
UN: Turkey route for smuggling weapons to Iraq, Syria terrorists
The UN says Turkey is being used as a main route for smuggling weapons to terrorist groups operating in Iraq and Syria.

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