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Solution to Lebanon govt. formation deadlock lies with Aoun, Berri says
Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri says the solution to the formation of a new national unity government in the Arab country more than six months after a general election lies “according to logic” with President Michel Aoun.
Scientists offer solution to Gaia hypothesis
How has Earth maintained the stability necessary for the development and evolution of life over billions of years? It is a question that has perplexed scientists for decades.
Rouhani: Trump miscalculated Iran's move
Mogherini: Europe seeking quick solution to save JCPOA
Tusk: 'With friends like these, who needs enemies?'
Innovation is the solution to climate change
History tells us how technological innovations have improved the quality of life for millions of people across many generations. In the last few decades, the speed at which innovations occur has significantly increased. Technologies have advanced transportation, communication, health care, energy production and space travel.
Forest, part of solution to global warming
Costa Rica, a ‘green republic’ known worldwide for its efforts to protect forests, had poor track record when it comes to deforestation. Costa Rica was once 99 percent forested, but forest cover had steadily diminished.
Qatar: Any solution to dispute with Persian Gulf Arabs must respect Doha's ‘dignity’
Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has urged fellow Arab nations of the Persian Gulf region to respect the sovereignty and dignity of his country in any solution proposed to overcome a current dispute with Doha.
French president: No “efficient” solution in Syria without Iran
The French president emphasized the influential role of Iran in the Syria peace process, saying no “efficient” solution could be found to the six-year-old crisis in the Arab state without the Islamic Republic.
Qassemi: Afghan conflict has no military solution
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said there is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan and the continuation of foreign military presence in the country will further complicate the situation.
Robots: A solution to declining, aging populations?
Are humanoid robots or androids a solution to declining and aging populations? Given the prospects of demographic decline and population aging coupled with growing opposition to immigration, countries are increasingly turning to and investing in advanced robotics and androids to address shrinking workforce and rising numbers of elderly.
South Korean president: Job creation a fundamental solution to boosting birth rate
South Korean President Moon Jae-in again stressed the importance of creating new jobs, calling it a fundamental solution to most serious problems facing the country, including its low birth rate.
Universal basic income a bold, imaginative solution to poverty
Amplifying the call for a universal basic income, a United Nations expert has presented a report describing the idea as 'a bold and imaginative solution' at a time of growing economic insecurity.
Iran seems to finally have new oil deal solution
A senior official expects Iran to sign its first contract under a new formula within a month, marking a turning point in months of anticipation as the country reopens its oil and gas sector to business.
American fern inspires new solar storage solution
Energy storage has been a leading obstacle to widespread adoption of solar energy, but that may be about to change.
‘Reformist Principlism’ would be final solution
Parliament speaker has told a press conference that Saudi Arabia should seriously review its conduct in Yemen to come to a mutual understanding with Iran.

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