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Pres Rouhani urges officials to boost efforts to solve flood problems
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani extended condolences over death of Iranian people in the flash floods and urged officials to double their efforts to decrease problems of the flood-stricken areas and people.
May: Delaying Brexit won't solve anything
British Prime Minister Theresa May told MPs attempting to delay Brexit that it would not "solve the situation."
Technology startups lend a helping hand to solve mental health issues
The anxiety attack kicked in after 10:30 p.m.
How to solve every parenting dilemma
Parenting is no mean feat, particularly when it comes to disciplining your children.
Poverty is a problem we can solve (video)
In this short video, Chief Executive Campbell Robb explains what has been happening in the year since we launched our strategy, We can solve poverty in the UK.
Researchers solve fluorescent crystal mystery
A pair of organic crystals, seemingly identical but grown in two different locations, fluoresce different colors — a classic whodunit.
Scientists solve mystery of lone wolf wave
Solitary waves or solitons, sometimes called lone wolf waves, are just what they sound like.
Ear-tube surgery may not solve all hearing problems
Children with hearing loss who get ear-tube surgery to address chronic ear infections may need tests to see whether their hearing improves, a study suggested.
Ancient crop remains help solve a Madagascan mystery
Researchers have helped solve one of the enduring mysteries of the ancient world: Why the inhabitants of Madagascar speak Malagasy, a language otherwise unique to Southeast Asia and the Pacific — a region located at least 6,000km away.
Biochemists solve cell's DNA gatekeeper structure
Caltech scientists have produced the most detailed map yet of the massive protein machine that controls access to the DNA-containing heart of the cell.
New plan to solve UK teacher shortage
A government-backed scheme which guarantees that recruits will only spend four days a week in the classroom — in the UK — is helping to solve the teacher shortage in maths and science.
Uprooting terrorism, first step to solve Syrian crisis: Zarif
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said the first step to be taken to solve the Syrian crisis is to fight with terrorism and uproot it.

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