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SpaceX Starlink mega-constellation: 'Limited time' to fix brightness issue
California's SpaceX Company says it will work constructively with the scientific community to fix the brightness of its satellites.
NASA just successfully tested orbiting spacecraft propelled by water
Picture two tissue box-sized spacecraft orbiting Earth.
LightSail 2 spacecraft glides on sunlight in orbit around Earth
A crowdfunded spacecraft successfully sailed on sunlight while in orbit around the Earth.
India launches spacecraft to explore water deposits on Moon
India sent a spacecraft to explore water deposits on the far side of the Moon in a successful launch after a technical problem caused a week’s delay.
ESA/Roscosmos spacecraft sends its first photos of Mars surface
The European Space Agency (ESA)/Roscosmos jointly-developed spaceship Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) returned its first photos of the Martian surface.
Russia could send heavy mining-capable rover to Moon after 2030
Russia plans to deliver a reusable cargo spacecraft, a heavy lunar rover for mining and modules for a lunar base to the Moon in 2031–2035, a source in the Russian space industry told Sputnik on Sunday.
China prepares mission to land spacecraft on Moon’s far side
China was preparing to launch a groundbreaking mission today to soft-land a spacecraft on the largely unexplored far side of the Moon, demonstrating its growing ambitions as a space power to rival Russia, the European Union and the US.
UK radar satellite NovaSAR returns first images
Sydney Harbor and the Egyptian pyramids feature in the debut images from the first all-UK radar spacecraft.
Spacecraft starts Mercury journey to explore Solar System’s origin
Is Mercury's core liquid or solid, and why — on the smallest planet in our solar system — is it so big? What can the planet closest to the Sun tell us about how our solar system came into being?
BepiColombo spacecraft launches on mission to Mercury
A mission to Mercury, one of our solar system’s least studied planets, is about to embark on its seven-year journey on Saturday.
Mars 2020 spacecraft heat shield damaged in test, launch date not affected
A heat shield used in a NASA spacecraft designed to send a six-wheeled rover vehicle to Mars in 2020 suffered an ‘unexpected’ fracture during a structural test this month, causing the space agency to build a replacement, the space agency said.
NASA's Kepler Spacecraft running out of fuel
NASA's most prolific planet hunter is nearing the end of its lifespan. The Kepler space telescope, an integral member of NASA's scientific satellite fleet, is running out of fuel.
The place spacecraft go to die
China's Tiangong-1 space station is currently out of control and expected to fall back to Earth next year. But not in the remote place where many other spacecraft end their days.
Russian spacecraft makes lightning fast journey to ISS (Video)
A Russian spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station (ISS) after a lightning fast journey.
Earth-based telescope helping guide Juno spacecraft  through Jupiter exploration
Researchers are using the Earth-bound Gemini North telescope to provide high-resolution images to help guide the Juno spacecraft's exploration of Jupiter.

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