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New China virus 'could mutate and spread further’
Chinese authorities have advised people to stop travel into and out of Wuhan, the city at the center of a new virus that has killed nine.
Jump in wildfires means smoke's health impact will spread
Climate change in the Western US means more intense and frequent wildfires churning out waves of smoke that scientists say will sweep across the continent to affect tens of millions of people and cause a spike in premature deaths.
Bayer, Orion drug shown to delay spread of prostate cancer
German drugmaker Bayer and Finland’s Orion said on Wednesday a study showed a prostate cancer drug they are jointly developing can delay the spread of the disease to other parts of the body, boosting Orion’s shares.
Yellow fever in Brazil: Scientists trace spread of the century's worst epidemic
The yellow fever virus lurked deep in the Amazon jungle until around July 2016 when it leapt toward the highly populated south of Brazil, carried by monkeys and the mosquitoes that liked to bite them.
US wrong policies, interference to blame for terror spread: Iran
Iran has hit back at US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his latest meddlesome comments about the Islamic Republic's role in the Middle East, saying Washington's "illegitimate interference and wrong policies" are the root cause of the expansion of terrorism and insecurity in the region.
Bots can spread positive messages
Twitter bots, if used properly, can help to spread positive messages and encourage good behavior, suggested a new study by University of Southern California (USC).
California fires spread quickly; blazes tamed in Colorado
A pair of California wildfires have quickly spread, threatening hundreds of homes and forcing evacuations at a popular lakeside campground and a summer camp where flames temporarily trapped children and counselors, a fire official said.
Petunias spread their scent using pushy proteins
When it comes to smelling pretty, petunias are pretty pushy.
New drug halts spread of lung cancer
Patients with terminal lung cancer have been given fresh hope following the trial of a drug that could reduce or even halt the spread of the disease.
Preventing spread of skin infection impetigo
Impetigo is a contagious skin infection that's preventable and can be treated with antibiotics, the US Food and Drug Administration said.
Lung cancer cells spread like unanchored tents
Spreading lung cancer cells are like tents which have collapsed and are adrift in the wind, scientists from the University of York have discovered.
Spread of cancer linked to cell metabolism
Cellular metabolism in white blood cells can be manipulated to prevent the spread of cancer, VIB and KU Leuven researchers suggest in a new study.
Opium crops spread in Afghanistan as Taliban gains ground
The cultivation of opium poppy in Afghanistan, the world's main source of heroin, has risen to its third-highest level in more than 20 years, the United Nations confirmed on Sunday, as the Taliban insurgency gains ground.
Zika Virus cases soar in Asia, WHO Says
Zika infections are expected to continue rising in the Asia-Pacific region, where authorities are increasing surveillance, preparing responses to complications and collaborating on information about the disease, the World Health Organization said Monday.

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