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What is HTLV-1? Ancient 'cousin' of HIV spreading 'off the charts'
Residents in Australia’s Northern Territory are being affected by an ancient virus that can lead to leukemia and lymphoma.
Humanitarian response plan for spreading crisis in Nigeria
The 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for north-east Nigeria demonstrates the commitment of the international community to the people of Nigeria. It is also a clear and positive indication of the strong and continued partnership between us — the international humanitarian community — and the government of Nigeria.
Unnecessary antibiotics prescribed by dentists spreading superbug c. diff
Dentists prescribing unnecessary antibiotics could be spreading an antibiotic-resistant superbug infection, researchers have claimed.
Breast cancer breakthrough: This finding could stop disease spreading, save lives
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the UK.
Ban says Daesh spreading like cancer
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has described the ongoing crisis in Syria as a greenhouse for Takfiri militant groups, urging greater cooperation to prevent extremism and terror outfits that are now spreading “like a cancer.”
HIV cases spreading in US rural counties
Although HIV diagnosis rates have remained stable for the past few years in the US state of Virginia, there is growing concern that rural counties are seeing a disproportionate number of new cases.
UN: Bird flu spreading across West Africa
A highly contagious strain of avian flu is spreading across West Africa, decimating poultry farms and stoking fears the virus will jump from birds to humans, the UN's food agency warned on Monday.
WHO:  Syria grapples with spreading diseases
The World Health Organization (WHO) says one million people have been injured during the conflict in Syria, warning about the spread of dangerous diseases across the country.
Pakistani blood transfusions  spreading hepatitis, HIV
Lax oversight of blood banks means about a fifth of patients in Pakistan who get regular transfusions have been infected with hepatitis, a top government health official said on Friday. Some also get HIV, Reuters reported.
Worldwide concern growing over deadly Ebola virus
Concern is mounting across the world as the killer Ebola virus is spreading to other continents after claiming almost 4,000 lives in West Africa, Press TV reports.
Hookah smoking spreading in Iran
Deputy Health Minister Ali Akbar Sayyari said there are 7,700,000 cigarette and hookah smokers in Iran, adding that when the tobacco tax increases, the number of people quitting smoking and seeking help to quit smoking also increases.

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