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Five strange Christmas traditions from around the world
It’s no secret that we’re nuts for Christmas traditions, decorating our house from wall to wall and immersing ourselves in celebrations. Here are five strange Christmas traditions from around the world, according to
Strange things happen when a crystal gets split in two
The remarkable strength of ionic crystals is easily explained at the atomic scale: Positively and negatively charged atoms sit side by side in a periodic arrangement that repeats countless times. The strong electrostatic force in between keeps them together.
UFO hunters spot strange cube falling from black hole portal
A 'sinister' object was seen falling from the sky over El Paso, Texas, near the secret White Sands Military base.
NASA releases strange music heard by 1969 astronauts
NASA has made public a recording of strange music that astronauts reported hearing in 1969 while on the far side of the Moon, out of radio contact with the Earth.
This strange ‘new’ animal looks rather familiar
Someone claims to have discovered a strange ‘new’ animal but we’re a bit sceptical.

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