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Indian private lenders signal stress in loan book
Two top Indian private-sector lenders signaled stress in their loan books as the banks grapple with the worst economic slowdown in years that has increased bad loans across the sector.
Stress in pregnancy 'makes child personality disorder more likely'
The children of women who experience severe stress when pregnant are nearly 10 times more likely to develop a personality disorder by the age of 30, a study suggests.
Biologist leads pioneering study on stress
A biologist at Louisiana State University conducted a pioneering research study that could help us to better understand the role of dopamine in stress resilience in humans through analyzing wild songbirds. This study could lead to increased prevention and treatment of stress-related disorders.
Dogs mirror stress levels of owners, researchers find
If the dead-end job, the pokey flat and the endless failings of the neighbors are getting on your wick, then spare a thought for the dog.
Stress in the evening harder on body than at other times: study
Stress in the evening may take more of a toll on your body than stress at other times of day, a new study suggests.
Maternal stress at conception linked to children's stress response at age 11
A new study published in the Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease finds that mothers' stress levels at the moment they conceive their children are linked to the way children respond to life challenges at age 11. SFU health sciences professor Pablo Nepomnaschy led an interdisciplinary research team on this first cohort study.
The stress pregnant immigrants face in US
She became a doctor to serve communities like the one she grew up in.
Breastfeeding makes babies less reactive to stress
Breastfeeding has several health benefits, a new study shows that it may be caused by genetic changes induced by breastfeeding.
How will climate change stress the power grid?
A new study suggested the power industry is underestimating how climate change could affect the long-term demand for electricity in the US.
Stress on worms could give insight into early human brain development
Worms and humans might have more in common neurologically than researchers ever thought, particularly when it comes to stress.
Scientists find corals in deeper waters under stress too
Coral reefs around the world are threatened by warming ocean temperatures, a major driver of coral bleaching. Scientists routinely use sea-surface temperature data collected by satellites to predict the temperature-driven stress on reef communities, but new research shows that surface measurements alone may not accurately predict the full extent of thermal stress on deeper corals.
US expects oil market stress once Iran bans return
The US has acknowledged that oil prices would jump once sanctions on Iran are implemented but says it will not tap into its own reserves to meet a likely supply gap and would instead wait for Russia and Saudi Arabia to increase their outputs.
Stress really can make young adults feel older
Psychology researchers have found that stress can play a significant role in how old emerging adults feel, with every stressful event above the daily norm making many young people feel at least one year older.
Mindful movement may help lower stress, anxiety
Taking a walk may be a good opportunity to mentally review your to-do list, but using the time to instead be more mindful of your breathing and surroundings may help boost your wellbeing, according to researchers.

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