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Ancient octagonal structure found in North Khorasan Province
Discovery of an octagonal structure made of the layered stones with clay mortar is among the significant findings of the expanded exploration operations in the ancient site of Masoumzadeh Mound in Bojnourd, North Khorasan Province.
Nehchir Citadel, Safavid magnificent structure
Nehchir Citadel is a historical building located near the city of Mobarakeh in Isfahan Province, central Iran. The magnificent structure dates back to the Safavid era, and has been restored during the Qajar period.
Brain structure potentially lined with person's risk-taking tendency
In the future, your eligibility for a specific investment portfolio might be decided by a brain scan test.
Sultan Amir Ahmad Public Bath, a traditional 16th-century structure
Sultan Amir Ahmad Public Bath — also known as the Qasemi Public Bath — is a traditional Iranian public bathhouse in the central city of Kashan.
Depression changes brain structure
A major scanning study by the University of Edinburgh found depression can lead to changes in the structure of the brain.
South Korean economic structure remains fragile
South Korea's latest economic gains do not indicate that the country's financial condition is on a firm track, as the increases can be attributed to investment in the construction sector and not improvements in private consumption, a research showed.
Structure of honorary police to be prepared
Islamic Republic of Iran Police has been given a two-month deadline to prepare a plan on the structure of honorary police as per approval of Tehran's Islamic City Council.
‘Iran needs to fix its banking structure’
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday emphasized that Iran needs to fix its own banking system if it wants to attract foreign investments.
Biochemists solve cell's DNA gatekeeper structure
Caltech scientists have produced the most detailed map yet of the massive protein machine that controls access to the DNA-containing heart of the cell.
Public views sought on Inverness riverside arts projects
Highland Council sought views from the public on art installations proposed for the banks of the River Ness in Inverness.
New type of animated crystal structure found
A trio of researchers has discovered what they are calling a new type of crystal, one that is always moving.
Reforming NDF structure
By Hossein Tavakollian
Invisible protein structure explains the power of enzymes
A research group at Umeå University in Sweden has managed to capture and describe a protein structure that, until now, has been impossible to study. The discovery lays the base for developing designed enzymes as catalysts to new chemical reactions for instance in biotechnological applications.
Iranian helps reveal complex protein structure
An Iranian engineer Hamid Reza Nassiri, along with his colleagues in Frankfurt, has revealed the largest protein complex structure in the body's respiratory chain.
Molecular structure of water at gold electrodes revealed
When a solid material is immersed in a liquid, the liquid immediately next to its surface differs from that of the bulk liquid at the molecular level. This interfacial layer is critical to our understanding of a diverse set of phenomena from biology to materials science.

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