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Overseas students should 'stay in migration target'
International students in the UK should not be removed from targets to reduce migration, recommended a report commissioned by the Home Office.
UK 'missing out' on overseas students
University leaders are calling for changes to the UK visa system to allow international students to stay and work for two years after they graduate.
Students more likely to eat school breakfast when given extra time
Primary school students are more likely to eat a nutritional breakfast when given 10 extra minutes to do so, according to a new study by researchers at Virginia Tech and Georgia Southern University.
Iranian students shine at 23th FIRA RoboWorld Cup
Iranian robotics teams have displayed a great performance in the 2018 FIRA RoboWorld Cup in Taiwan, said the head of Iranian FIRA National Committee.
Egyptian students design car that runs on air
A group of Egyptian students designed a vehicle they said will battle rising energy prices and promote clean energy by running on nothing but air.
Minister: Sistan-Baluchestan plays key role in protecting Iran's culture
Iran's border provinces in general and Sistan-Baluchestan in particular play a substantial role in protecting Iran's culture and conveying it to other countries, Iran's culture minister said.
Iranian students shine at int’l chemistry, physics Olympiads
Iranian students received four medals at International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) and also five medals at International Physics Olympiad (IPhO).
Eating iron-fortified grain improves students' attention, memory
Adolescent students in a rural school in India who consumed an iron-biofortified version of the grain pearl millet exhibited improved attention and memory compared to those who consumed conventional pearl millet, according to Penn State researchers.
Iranian students shine at international math event
Iranian students totally collected 40 medals in 2018 World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) and finished the event as runner-up.
Students build pod for Elon Musk's SpaceX Hyperloop competition
A group of Arizona college students are competing against teams from around the world in hopes of impressing Elon Musk.
Leader: Getting wrapped up in trivial issues creates obstacles for Revolution
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Monday highlighted the main goals of the Islamic Revolution including national dignity, saying that getting wrapped up in trivial issues creates obstacles for Revolution.
Students make origami cranes for world peace
Students of the TOKİ Ahmet Cevdet Paşa Primary and Secondary School in Kırklareli Province of Turkey, made a series of origami cranes in order to commemorate Sadako Sasaki, the Japanese girl who lost her life because of the radiation emitted after the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
British working-class students face poverty
"Sometimes I didn't have money for lunch," said second-year university student Selina Anderson.
Students given incentives to innovate are just as skilled as the self-motivated
Innovators aren't born, they can be made, according to recent research from the University of California San Diego's School of Global Policy and Strategy.
Students in Bangladesh protest for third day
Hundreds of university students across Bangladesh blockaded roads on Tuesday in a third day of protests against what they say are discriminatory quotas for government jobs.

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