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LightSail 2 spacecraft glides on sunlight in orbit around Earth
A crowdfunded spacecraft successfully sailed on sunlight while in orbit around the Earth.
Amount of sunlight needed every day to avoid symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency risk could be lowered by adding certain foods to your diet, or by spending more time in direct sunlight. But much time should you spend in the Sun to prevent deficiency signs and symptoms?
Sunlight funnel collects light from all directions
Researchers have designed a light-harvesting funnel that absorbs sunlight from any direction and concentrates it onto smaller areas, such as high-performance solar cells. By stacking multiple funnels, each tuned to a different wavelength of light, the researchers expect that it could be possible to convert the entire solar spectrum into electricity with high efficiency.
New perovskite material can convert heat and sunlight into electricity
In a newly published study, researchers in Finland detailed the ability of KBNNO, a type of perovskite, to convert heat, kinetic energy and sunlight into electricity.
Material could harvest sunlight, release heat on demand times
Imagine if your clothing could, on demand, release just enough heat to keep you warm and cozy, allowing you to dial back on your thermostat settings and stay comfortable in a cooler room. Or, picture a car windshield that stores the sun's energy and then releases it as a burst of heat to melt away a layer of ice.

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