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Men at risk of prostate cancer could be spared needless surgery
Men at risk of prostate cancer will be spared needless biopsies and surgery under new guidance for the NHS.
Conjoined twins: Bhutanese girls separated in six-hour surgery
Surgeons in Australia have separated conjoined twins from Bhutan in a life-changing operation.
Surgery students 'losing dexterity to stitch patients'
A British professor of surgery said students have spent so much time in front of screens and so little time using their hands that they have lost the dexterity for stitching or sewing up patients.
Israel deprives injured Palestinian prisoner of urgent surgery
Israeli authorities are reportedly preventing an injured Palestinian prisoner from receiving appropriate medical care and refusing to allow him to undergo an urgent surgery.
Ferguson showing signs of recovery
Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is sitting up and talking to his family following emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage, media reports said Tuesday.
Ferguson recovering in hospital following surgery for brain hemorrhage
Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is recovering in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage on Saturday.
Sir Alex Ferguson undergoes emergency surgery for brain hemorrhage
Sir Alex Ferguson was in a serious condition in hospital on Saturday night after suffering a brain hemorrhage. The former Manchester United manager underwent emergency surgery on Saturday for a bleed on the brain. This was said to have been successful and his family were at his bedside as he began his recovery.
Common knee surgery doesn’t help older adults
Many older adults are getting surgery to remove damaged cartilage in the knee even though these operations may not help ease pain or improve mobility in people over 65, a new study suggested.
Weight loss surgery improves diabetes symptoms
Obese people who get bariatric surgery are less likely to require medication to control diabetes symptoms afterward, compared to those who don’t get operations to lose weight, a French study suggested.
A new start: Patients may have longer lives after hip replacement surgery
According to a study led by Wolters Kluwer Health, patients undergoing elective total hip arthroplasty (THA) have a slightly improved survival rate compared to the general population, through a decade after surgery.
Some reasons not to rush into open-heart surgery
Heart disease sometimes erupts as a full-blown emergency with sudden, crushing chest pain.
Poorer kids have greater odds of dying after heart surgery
Children who've had surgery to repair defective hearts are more likely to die or require longer hospitalizations if they live in poorer neighborhoods, a new study suggested.
Beware, surgery and anaesthesia may affect your immediate memory
Patients may score slightly lower on certain memory tests after having surgery and anaesthesia, says a new study.
'Hole in heart' defect may raise risk for stroke after surgery
People born with a hole in their heart face an increased risk for stroke after surgery, a new study finds.
Iran conducts 10,000 knee surgeries each year
By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti

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