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Allergy shots may be an effective treatment for pediatric pollen food allergy syndrome
We know that children with pollen food allergy syndrome (PFAS) also suffer from seasonal allergies.
Brain clue to 'broken heart' syndrome
Your heart can be damaged after a sad event and it may be your brain's doing, experts believe.
Mayo researchers develop new genetics-based prognostic tool for myelodysplastic syndrome
Researchers at Mayo Clinic have developed a new genetics-based prognostic tool for myelodysplastic syndrome. Their findings are published in the October print issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings.
Scientists find gene linking Down syndrome, early Alzheimer's
British researchers are zeroing in on the genes that they believe are responsible for early onset Alzheimer's disease in people with Down syndrome.
Iran plans to eradicate hepatitis B syndrome
Iran is planning to eradicate the risk of spreading hepatitis B virus via blood transmission, an Iranian health official was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.
Fragile X syndrome neurons can be restored
Fragile X syndrome is the most frequent cause of intellectual disability in males, affecting one out of every 3,600 boys born.
Discoveries may help treat illness, chronic fatigue syndrome
The diagnosis and treatment of two conditions — chronic fatigue syndrome and Persian Gulf War illness — could improve thanks to the discovery of distinct brain chemistry signatures in people with these disorders, researchers said.
Study: Exercise can help chronic fatigue syndrome
Increasing exercise each day can help patients with Chronic Fatigue System to feel less tired and feel better, a new study suggested.
New test used to diagnose sleep apnea in Down syndrome children
Researchers have found a way to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, in children with Down syndrome through a non-invasive urine test.
Flat head syndrome associated with developmental delays
Researchers have linked flat head syndrome to an increased risk of developing motor, language and cognitive delays.
Millions with metabolic syndrome not getting sufficient vitamin E
A study from Oregon State University shows that people with metabolic syndrome may not be getting sufficient amounts of vitamin E — an antioxidant vital for cell protection, gene expression and immune function.
Down syndrome may not be big financial burden on families
Although families with a child with Down syndrome do face extra medical expenses, they probably won't be deeply burdened financially, a new study suggested.
Landmark chronic fatigue syndrome treatment in trial stage
A therapy that successfully treats two-thirds of children with chronic fatigue syndrome is being trialed for the National Health Service (NHS) use.
Children with Tourette Syndrome may have an edge at language
Children with Tourette Syndrome (TS) may have advantages when learning a language compared to their neurotypical peers, a small Newcastle University-led study suggested.
Everything you need to know about 'foreign accent syndrome'
What if you woke up one day suddenly speaking with a Southern twang or French lilt or British accent? In rare cases this happens to people when a brain injury leads to a rare condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS).

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