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Tea benefits: A cup a day can boost immune system
People who are overweight or eat a high-fat diet are the most likely to benefit. Tea has long been linked to good health. But earlier this year a study confirmed it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure — key risk factors for heart disease and stroke — while another showed it protects the brain and reduces the risk of dementia. Now research reveals the UK nation's favorite drink gives immunity a lift by rebalancing bacteria that live in our gut.
Iran’s IRGC unveils military communication system
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Sunday unveiled a homegrown military communication systems for voice and data transmission.
Iran unveils new indigenous air defense system
Iran unveiled a domestically-designed and manufactured air defense system capable of simultaneously destroying six incoming hostile targets.
Iran unveils waterjet propulsion system
Iran on Monday unveiled a state-of-the-art propulsion system, which has been fully designed and manufactured by domestic experts with the cooperation of Iranian universities.
US aviation system starting to show strains from shutdown
The partial government shutdown is starting to strain the national aviation system, with unpaid security screeners staying home, air-traffic controllers suing the government and safety inspectors off the job.
Could student loans ruling mean the system is redesigned?
An announcement today could affect the future of the student loans system in the UK.
Russia to send S-300 missile defense systems to Syria
Russia announced Monday it will supply Syria's government with more modern, S-300 missile defense systems after last week's downing of a Russian plane by Syria, a friendly fire incident that sent regional tensions over the war-torn country soaring.
Iran plans to unveil new navigation system soon: Official
Iran plans to unveil a new navigation system in the near future, said the CEO of Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company (IAC).
Baby's immune system ramps up right after birth: Study
A baby's immune system kicks into high gear immediately after birth, a new study found.
Vaping 'can damage vital immune system cells'
Vaping can damage vital immune system cells and may be more harmful than previously thought, a study suggested.
Women are key to fixing the global food system
According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, women make up about 43 percent of the agricultural labor force worldwide, and in some countries they make up 80 percent of all farmers. In addition to tending crops, most women — particularly in the Global South — are also responsible for seed saving, animal husbandry, grain processing, and other tasks related to growing food. This is in addition to cooking, cleaning, and taking care of sick elders and children.
Virus may boost immune system
Researchers have discovered a virus may help an aging immune system, based on research involving mice.
Laser gives away double star system  hiding in the Ant Nebula
The core of the famed Ant Nebula is home to a double star system, according to new research by an international team of astronomers.

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