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New technique for finding life on Mars
Researchers demonstrate for the first time the potential of existing technology to directly detect and characterize life on Mars and other planets.
New brain mapping technique highlights relationship between connectivity and IQ
A new and relatively simple technique for mapping the wiring of the brain has shown a correlation between how well connected an individual's brain regions are and their intelligence, say researchers at the University of Cambridge.
Scan technique reveals secret writing in mummy cases
Researchers in London have developed scanning techniques that show what is written on the papyrus that mummy cases are made from.
New technique developed to turn carbon dioxide waste into fuel
Scientists working for the US Department of Energy have found an efficient way to turn waste carbon dioxide into fuel.
New technique could spare thousands of breast cancer patients
A new test could spare thousands of breast cancer patients from unnecessary chemotherapy by predicting how likely it is to return.
New technique promises tunable laser devices
Whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators are used to make tiny micro-lasers, sensors, switches, routers and other devices.
New technique could protect you from stroke (video)
Stroke symptoms can include slurred speech and an inability to raise arms above the head.
New bioimaging technique is fast, economical
A new approach to optical imaging makes it possible to quickly and economically monitor multiple molecular interactions in a large area of living tissue — such as an organ or a small animal; technology that could have applications in medical diagnosis, guided surgery, or pre-clinical drug testing.
Scientists use new technique to  recycle plant material into stock chemicals
Recycling can encompass more than just materials like plastics and paper. Important chemicals can also be recovered and reused.
Neuroimaging technique may predict autism in high-risk infants
Researchers said a special type of MRI may someday help doctors predict which high-risk babies might develop autism in their toddler years.
Special X-ray technique allows scientists to see 3D deformations
While doctors use X-rays to see the broken bones inside our bodies, scientists have developed a new X-ray technique to see inside continuously packed nanoparticles, also known as grains, to examine deformations and dislocations that affect their properties.
Technique developed for turning Mars or Moon rocks into concrete
Civil engineers at Stanford University have worked with colleagues at NASA to develop a form of concrete that humans could produce on Mars or Moon.
New laser technique improves neutron yield
A team of researchers from several institutions in China has developed a new way to produce neutrons that they claim improves on conventional methods by a factor of 100. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the team describes the new method and the results they obtained when testing it.
New imaging technique catches DNA ‘blinking’ on
A new imaging technique takes advantage of DNA’s natural ability to 'blink' in response to stimulating light.
Researchers develop technique for safer uranium extraction
Chemistry researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have developed a new technique for the separation of uranium, a key part of the nuclear fuel cycle, to be more safely and efficiently.

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