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British firm develops smart watering technology for optimum irrigation
Showing the way towards optimum utilization of water in farming through Artificial Intelligence, a British firm developed a smart watering system which is being used in many agricultural farms in Gujarat – India's westernmost state – and Rajasthan – a northern state in the country.
Smartphone technology can spot breast cancer tumors
The same smartphone technology that can recognize a user's face and voice can now identify breast cancer tumors, a recent study said.
Chief: NDF supporting knowledge-based economic projects
The National Development Fund (NDF) will support domestic knowledge-based economic projects meeting the necessary requirements, said the head of the fund's board of directors.
Technology changing how Decatur students learn
Technology investment in Decatur City Schools — a school system located in the city of Decatur in Alabama, the US, and is home to seven of Alabama's International Baccalaureate schools — is changing how students learn and teachers teach.
Pak health experts invent world's first anti-microbial technology
Pakistani health experts have invented world's first anti-microbial technology in collaboration with Protector Health Hygiene.
Can this carbon capture technology save us from climate change?
It's a stark prognosis: To save the world from the worst effects of climate change, it's likely not enough to cut carbon dioxide emissions; we need to start scrubbing carbon pollution from the atmosphere, too.
Iran to transfer fertilizer production technology to Indonesia
A fertilizer production company based in the central Iranian province of Markazi intends to transfer technical knowhow for producing the substance to Indonesia, a faculty member of province’s agricultural research body said on Saturday.
New fingerprint technology helps police snare three illegal immigrants in England
New high-tech fingerprint technology helped England’s police snare three illegal Vietnamese immigrants in the country.
North Korea displays latest technology products at IT exhibition
North Korea has recently kicked off an exhibition of information technology in Pyongyang, displaying a number of its achievements in the field, the North's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Friday.
Technology hope for African farmers
In Africa, a startup scene is taking shape, capable of lifting millions out of poverty by transforming the continent’s largest industry: Agriculture.
New laser technology developed by Scottish scientists
A new laser technology which can identify unknown white powders has been developed by Scottish scientists.
Novel technology enables detection of early-stage lung cancer when surgical cure still is possible
Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) is often fatal because most cases are not diagnosed until they are so advanced that surgical intervention is no longer possible.
Technology startups lend a helping hand to solve mental health issues
The anxiety attack kicked in after 10:30 p.m.
Smart technology to help diagnose sepsis in children in Canada
Smart technology and artificial intelligence could be used to improve detection of sepsis in children in Canada, wrote authors of a commentary in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
Parents have fretted through the ages about kids' fascination with technology
When Stephen Dennis was raising his two sons in the 1980s, he never heard the phrase ‘screen time’, nor did he worry much about the hours his kids spent with technology.

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