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Higher temperatures could help protect coral reefs
A new study in the journal Behavioral Ecology, published by Oxford University Press, suggested that higher water temperature, which increases the aggressiveness of some fish, could lead to better protection of some coral.
Earth's climate monsters could be unleashed as temperatures rise
This week, hundreds of scientists and government officials from more than 190 countries have been buzzing around a convention center in the South Korean city of Incheon.
Global temperatures likely to be ‘abnormally high’ for at least four years
Sizzling heatwaves are likely to be a feature of the global climate for at least the next four years, said scientists.
Record-breaking temperatures leave 29 dead in S. Korean heatwave
As many as 29 people have died due to heatstroke in South Korea, according to the South Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Disease Control.
Rising temperatures enabled peatland formation at the end of last ice age
New research suggested periods of global warming during the last ice age encouraged the formation of peatlands.
World’s oceans rise to hottest ever recorded ‘by far’
The world’s oceans rose to the highest temperatures ever recorded by far in 2017, scientists have warned.
Record low temperatures grip parts of US, Canada
The torrent of arctic air that poured into many parts of the United States this week tightened its grip on Saturday and brought record cold to some spots, as forecasters warned revelers from Memphis to Maine to expect numbing conditions on New Year’s Eve.
Caspian Sea evaporating as temperatures rise
Earth's largest inland body of water has been slowly evaporating for the past two decades due to rising temperatures associated with climate change, a new study found.
High temperatures will cause body to shut down
Summers will become so hot in parts of the world by the end of this century that the body will not be able to cool itself down and will lead to sudden death, researchers warned.
Hot temperatures make people moody, less helpful
Uncomfortably hot temperatures may make people moody and less likely to be helpful or ‘pro-social, a study suggested.
Eating could be a faster way to beat stomach bugs that cause temperatures
The old advice to feed a cold and starve a fever may be wrong — in part — after medical experts discovered eating could be a faster way to beat stomach bugs that cause fevers.
2015's record-breaking temperatures will be normal by 2030
Generation Y (the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s), has grown up in a rapidly warming world. According to the US National Climate Data Center, every month since February 1985 has seen above average global temperatures, compared with the twentieth century. I have no memories of a ‘normal’ month.
Warmer temperatures affect lakes in oil sands region
A recent collaborative research project between scientists from academia and government agencies has identified climate warming as the dominant driver of an increase in algal growth in the Athabasca oil sands region of northern Alberta.
Old-growth forests may provide buffer against rising temperatures
The soaring canopy and dense understory of an old-growth forest could provide a buffer for plants and animals in a warming world, according to a study from Oregon State University published in Science Advances.
India weather: Dangerous temperatures arrive early
A heatwave across most of India has led to a hotter than usual summer in much of the country. Broadcast meteorologist Peter Gibbs describes the situation.

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