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Testing hearing by looking at eyes
New research introduces an innovative hearing test that may help people who are unable to respond, such as babies or people who have had a stroke. The new test relies on measuring the dilation of an individual's pupils.
Microsoft testing a huge new version of Windows 10
Microsoft is already testing a huge new version of Windows 10 that is set to debut in the first half of 2020, a new announcement from the tech giant confirmed.
NASA testing Kiwi wool product for its deep space Orion missions
In 2023, NASA's deep space exploration craft Orion will blast off with four astronauts on board, and hopefully, some New Zealand woolen technology.
How scientists are testing cancer drugs to slow down aging
Aging is a perfectly natural process, but that doesn’t mean that humans won’t try everything in their power to slow it down. In recent years, researchers who study aging have become intrigued by the idea of slowing the march of time by ridding the body of its population of older cells.
New testing of model improves confidence in the performance of ITER
Scientists seeking to bring fusion — the power that drives the Sun and stars — down to Earth must first make the state of matter called plasma superhot enough to sustain fusion reactions.
Researchers pinpoint causes for spike in breast cancer genetic testing
A sharp rise in the number of women seeking BRCA genetic testing to evaluate their risk of developing breast cancer was driven by multiple factors, including celebrity endorsement, according to researchers at the University of Georgia (UGA).
Testing a soft artificial heart
It looks like a real heart. And this is the goal of the first entirely soft artificial heart: To mimic its natural model as closely as possible.
Britain’s primary testing regime chaotic
The testing regime for primary schools in England is in chaos and distracting to pupils, says the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT).
Biologists develop method for antibiotic susceptibility testing
A team of biologists and biomedical researchers at UC San Diego has developed a new method to determine if bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics within a few hours, an advance that could slow the appearance of drug resistance and allow doctors to more rapidly identify the appropriate treatment for patients with life threatening bacterial infections.
Genetic testing makes early cancer detection possible
Genetic testing can help assess a woman’s chances of developing cancer and make it possible to diagnose and treat the disease in early stages, said a member of National Association of Iranian Gynecologists and Obstetricians.
'World's best teacher' warns on too much testing
The 'world's best teacher' says that a culture of excessive testing can damage standards and 'decimate morale' among teachers.
Russia to exhume Tsar Alexander III after 121 years for DNA testing
Russian investigators are preparing to exhume the remains of Tsar Alexander III, the grandfather of Nicholas II's children, in order to take DNA samples and verify the identities of two body remains that are believed to belong to the ill-fated Nicholas II's family.
Non-invasive prenatal gender testing  using real-time PCR
Researchers at the Research Institute of Animal Embryo Technology, affiliated to Shahrekord University, have conducted non-invasive prenatal gender testing using real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), an official said.
Palestine official: Israel used Gaza as testing ground for new weapons
A senior Palestinian official says the Gaza Strip was used by the Israeli regime as a testing ground for its new weapons during the recent war on the besieged territory.

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