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'Supersized' mice threaten seabird colonies with extinction
Supersized mice are killing millions of seabird chicks on a remote island in the South Atlantic, threatening some rare species with extinction.
JFK niece: Trump’s Space Force threatens NASA
US President Donald Trump’s Space Force was attacked for threatening NASA and global climate interests on the 60th anniversary of the space agency’s birth, by film director Rory Kennedy.
Rising CO₂ levels threaten monarch butterflies
Rising levels of CO₂ are reducing the medicinal benefits of milkweed for monarch butterflies, new research showed.
Spain threatens to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy
Spain said on Wednesday that it would take the unprecedented step of seeking to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy if the region’s leader does not abandon his independence bid ahead of his deadline to give a final answer.
Global food markets further threaten endangered sharks
Researchers at the University of Guelph found that the majority of shark fins and manta ray gills sold at markets around the world for traditional medicines come from endangered species.
North Korean nukes threaten global peace: Pentagon chief
US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has said North Korea’s nuclear weapons program poses a "clear and present danger" to international peace and security.
Russia says US actions threaten its national security
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday that the United States had been taking aggressive steps that threatened Russia's national security, the RIA news agency reported.
Forest fires do not threaten spotted owls
New Research on the California spotted owl has found that severely burned forests that have not been post-fire salvage logged are used by the threatened raptor when foraging for their small mammal prey. Stand-replacing fires, also called crown fires or high-intensity fires, do not harm spotted owl foraging habitat.
African growers threaten Dutch flower power
The Netherlands is fighting to retain its crown as the world's top auction house for flowers as growers in Africa and elsewhere increasingly sell directly to buyers.
UNFPA funding cuts threaten women's health in poorer nations
The UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which has played a key role in ensuring maternal health and promoting reproductive rights of millions of women world-wide, is expected to suffer over $140 million in funding cuts by Western donors this year.
Terrorism, Zionism threaten Muslim world: Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says “terrorism and Zionism” are currently the biggest threats to the Muslim world.
Military conflicts threaten to undermine battle against rural poverty
The ongoing battle against rural poverty is in danger of being undermined by a growing number of insurgencies and political upheavals ― mostly in Africa.
Catalans threaten unilateral independence from Spain
Separatists in Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region have announced readiness to declare unilateral independence in case the Madrid government torpedoes a secession process they hope to launch in September’s regional elections.
US official: New sanctions on Iran threaten nuclear talks
A senior Obama administration official has warned that new sanctions against Iran during nuclear negotiations would threaten the diplomatic process.

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