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Climate crisis threatening child rights: UNICEF
The climate crisis is threatening to roll back progress on child rights without sufficient urgent investment in solutions that benefit the most vulnerable children, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said on Saturday as the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) enters its second week.
Lights from rest camps threatening wildlife in South African National Park
Wildlife in the Kruger National Park is under threat from a pervasive peril: Light.
As Ebola threatens mega-cities, vaccine stockpile needs grow
Doubts are growing about whether the world’s emergency stockpile of 300,000 Ebola vaccine doses is enough to control future epidemics as the deadly disease moves out of rural forest areas and into urban mega-cities.
Saudi Arabia to build nuclear bomb if Iran does so: FM
Praising the US for abandoning the Iran nuclear deal, the Saudi foreign minister has threatened that the kingdom will make nuclear bombs if the Islamic Republic moves to develop an atomic weapons program.
German envoy warns against threatening Iran Deal
Germany's ambassador to Tehran, describing the July 2015 Iran nuclear deal as an achievement, said that the international agreement should not be at risk.
Iran rejects receiving US threatening message
Iran’s FM Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi strongly rejected the report by a Kuwaiti newspaper alleging that US officials had conveyed a threatening message to Iran through Russia.
US sanctions threatening Iran’s banking, IMF warns
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that Washington’s anti-Iran sanctions may be a threat to the country’s international trade ties.
How to spot symptoms of life-threatening Meningitis
Meningitis occurs in a range of ways — viral meningitis and bacterial meningitis — affecting people of all ages.
Myocarditis, a life-threatening heart failure
A virus — similar to the one which can cause the common cold — could cause heart failure, experts have warned.
More US mosques receive letters threatening genocide
More mosques in the United States say they’ve received threatening letters warning Muslims to leave the country or face extermination.
Study: Magma buildup threatening Salvadoran capital
New research shows magma is accumulating beneath a fault slip near the capital of El Salvador. The fault slip is located beneath Ilopango caldera.
Google ‘doctor’ could misdiagnose life-threatening diseases
A leading charity has spoken out after Google announced it will become a mobile medical professional — with the ability to give people advice about their symptoms.
As sea levels rise, economic damage piles up even faster
As sea levels rise, threatening cities from New York to Shanghai, the economic damage will increase even faster, scientists said on Monday.
'UK government threatening charities for criticism’
Charities in the UK have been targeted by prominent political figures for publicly criticizing the coalition government’s austerity policies, being threatened of losing funding if they speak out about inequality and poverty.
Freezing temperatures threatening Palestinians’ lives in Gaza
A fierce storm that has plagued the Gaza Strip with bitter cold, rains and winds is threatening the lives of tens of thousands of the Palestinian people in the war-ravaged enclave.

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