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Hawkish Israeli PM threatens naval ‘action’ against Iran’s oil exports
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued another military threat against Iran, this time saying that the regime’s navy could take action against the Islamic Republic’s oil exports.
Climate change threatens to wipe out meerkats in the next 50 years
The global meerkat population hangs in the balance, with a new scientific model giving them about 50 years before its stares down the gauntlet of extinction.
Syria threatens to make retaliatory attack on Tel Aviv airport
Syria warned that it could use its right to respond in self-defense to recent Israeli air raids against a civilian airport near Damascus by striking Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport if the UN Security Council fails to shoulder its responsibilities and act against the regime’s aggression.
Chestnut-killing wasp threatens major harvest
Chestnuts are increasingly used as a form of replacement protein in vegan and vegetarian diets.
Trump again threatens to shut government over funding of border wall
US President Donald Trump says he would “totally be willing” to shut down the federal government unless Congress authorizes $5 billion to fund his long-promised wall along the US-Mexico border.
Israel threatens to target Russia-manned S-300s in Syria
An Israeli minister has threatened that the regime will hit Syria’s Russia-made S-300 missile defense systems, even those manned by the Russian military itself, should the launchers target Tel Aviv’s warplanes.
Trump again threatens $200 billion import tariffs on China in trade war
US President Donald Trump has issued China with a renewed threat that he could impose $200 billion of import tariffs on Chinese goods, escalating trade war with Beijing.
Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall
US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would be willing to shut down the US government if Congress does not provide enough funding for border security, reversing a stance he took a day earlier.
Italy threatens to bar EU naval force from bringing migrants
Italy threatened to bar ships of the EU naval force from bringing migrants picked up in the Mediterranean to its ports unless the bloc comes up with ways to share the burden of taking them in, officials in Brussels said.
Italy threatens EU funding in migrant row
Italy's populist government warned it would pull European Union funding unless it agrees to take some of the 150 people stranded on an Italian coastguard ship Friday, sparking a fresh immigration row with the bloc.
Trump imposes new tariffs on China and threatens $500b
Donald Trump’s administration on Friday imposed new tariffs on $34 billion of annual imports from China as the US president threatened to extend levies to all $500 billion of goods imported from the country, the biggest shot so far in the trade war between the world’s two largest economies.
Depopulation threatens economies of eastern European countries
Nine of the countries at risk of losing citizens in the upcoming decades are eastern European nations, whose young populations head to western Europe to find work, according to a Bloomberg report based on UN data.
Israel threatens to launch incursion into Syria
The Israeli military has threatened to launch an incursion into Syria “to protect” the people of a village populated by the Arab country’s Druze minority, who are themselves supportive of the Syrian government.
Trump threatens to bypass Congress to scrap Obamacare
US President Donald Trump has threatened to use an executive order to cut off some of the key elements of former President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, the Affordable Care Act.
EU threatens Poland with sanctions over court reform
The EU warned Poland's right-wing government Wednesday to suspend controversial court reforms or risk unprecedented sanctions, sharply escalating a standoff with Warsaw.

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