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Researchers close to producing genetically modified spicy tomatoes
Tomatoes could be genetically modified to produce spicy chili varieties, new research suggested.
Tomatoes, apples could help heal ex-smokers' lungs
For smokers who've managed to quit, the road to fully repairing lungs damaged by the habit may seem like a long one.
Tomato is the new superfood: Eat just two in a day, keep lung diseases at bay
A new study suggests that eating two tomatoes a day helps in slowing down the natural lung function decline. Ex smokers, the study adds, could benefit most of all.
Tomatoes' crystal ball reveals evolutionary secrets
Michigan State University (MSU)'s Robert Last studied tomatoes. Specifically, he conducted research on their hair, or trichomes.
Russia imports first lot of tomatoes from Syria as Turkey ban stays in place
A Russian company has imported the first lot of tomatoes from Syria as Moscow keeps its restrictions on importing some food items from Turkey.
Fighting cancer with tomatoes
In a new study, a team of scientists has traced the activity of the cancer-fighting tomato component.
Cooked tomatoes contain more antioxidants: Study
Harvard University researchers have suggested that cooked tomatoes are more beneficial than fresh ones.

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