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UK training Saudi officers as Yemen war rages on: Report
The UK has been training dozens of Saudi Arabian military officers since the beginning of the kingdom’s military aggression against Yemen in March 2015, a new report suggests, further revealing the extent of Britain’s involvement in the deadly conflict.
Endurance but not resistance training has anti-aging effects
Researchers have discovered evidence that endurance exercise, such as running, swimming, cross-country skiing and cycling, will help you age better than resistance exercise, which involves strength training with weights.
Britain to open military training base in Oman
UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that a joint military training base will be opened in Oman in March 2019, in a bid to shore up Britain’s trading relationships in the run up to its withdrawal from the European Union next year.
Two pilots killed as Royal Saudi Air Force jet crashes during training
Two Royal Saudi Air Force pilots have lost their lives when their training jet crashed during a routine mission in the kingdom’s northwestern region of Tabuk.
Japan space tourist says moon training 'shouldn't be too hard'
Billionaire Japanese tycoon and future space tourist Yusaku Maezawa's training to go the moon should not be too tricky, he joked on Tuesday, adding that he planned to use free time from his six-hour work day to squeeze it in.
Iran conducts training courses in Baku
Concurrent with the start of the new academic year, Iran's cultural center in Baku, Azerbaijan began offering new training courses.
China military likely training for strikes on US: Pentagon
The Pentagon claims China has expanded its bomber operations, and is “likely training for strikes” against the United States.
Iran rejects accusation of training Taliban terrorists
Tehran vehemently rejected a report by British media, which claimed that members of Afghanistan’s Taliban terrorist group are being trained in Iran, saying such accusations are meant to harm close relations between the two neighbors.
UAE to send troops to Afghanistan on ‘training’ mission
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is to send troops to Afghanistan for what is said to be a training and support mission in the war-torn country.
Turkey steps up training militants in northern Syria: Report
Turkey has reportedly resumed an extensive campaign aimed at training the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants in northern Syria, purportedly to fight Kurdish forces and Daesh Takfiri terrorists.
Education and training the key to improving quality of life and combating poverty in Hong Kong
By Paul Yip* The Hong Kong government recorded a nearly HK$70 billion surplus in the 2016-17 financial year. At the same time there is a significant number of workers among the population who find it hard to make ends meet. More than HK$200 billion has been handed out as 'sweeteners' over the past decade in one-time and ad hoc measures to mitigate poverty. But has it been effective? I am afraid not.
Iranian students undergo training to prevent addiction
Society Desk --------------------- All students in grades six and nine of schools will undergo training to prevent addiction, said a senior Education Ministry official.
Yemen training civilians for anti-Saudi battles: Army official
The Yemeni army says groups of civilians are now being trained in military camps across the country to prepare for the battleground against the Saudi military and its mercenaries.
Academic training can helpchild achieve peace in life
According to civil activists, who are involved in labor children issues, peace and development are tied to each other while academic and non-academic training can ensure children’s life in peace.

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