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How hyperloop may change how and why we travel
Think of how well-traveled and eco-responsible you would be if you could economically zip between cities at speeds exceeding 700 miles per hour in a comfortable, carbon-neutral way. Without going to the airport.
Saudi Arabia to lift travel warning for Lebanon
Saudi Arabia will lift its warning against citizens traveling to Lebanon, its ambassador to Beirut says, as a visiting envoy from the kingdom met top Lebanese officials.
Space travel not reducing astronauts' lifespans but lengthening it, study claims
Although space travel exposes astronauts to forms of radiation that are uncommon on Earth, and that are linked to cancers and heart problems, a US study suggests this does not significantly shorten their lives.
Study: Space travel not damaging major part of human immune system
Space flight does not have a detrimental effect on a major part of the human immune system, according to new research which may alter how astronauts approach future missions.
Time travel claim: Man ‘from 3070’ reveals all-out war between humans and robots ‘is near’
A time traveler from the year 3700 has claimed a war between robots and humanity is near and has tried to prove his claim by showing a robotic arm.
Man quit his corporate job to travel around Australia with his cat
When Richard East decided to quit his job and travel around Australia in a sleeper van, he found an unlikely travel companion in his pet cat, Willow — and now their bond is inspiring the Internet.
How to travel with children
For parents, going on vacation with their children can be extremely difficult. They should be prepared in some matters before taking such a trip with kids, especially if they are under 15 years old. Children in that age group make up a small but important traveler group.
Blind tourist couple: Iran, culturally very rich
Iran has a rich and high culture as well as very great poets, acknowledged a blind Spanish couple who are regular globetrotters.
Scottish islands passport could lead to travel discounts
From ‘munro bagging’ to completing the West Highland Way, travelers to Scotland have always loved a challenge.
Vegan vacations: How to eat and travel around the world as a vegan
While vegans earlier ended up eating side dishes or salads during trips, all-new vegan trips are helping them eat what locals eat and get a glimpse of the local culture and history through the community’s cuisine.
Trump’s third travel ban faces second setback
A second US federal judge has blocked parts of President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban on people entering the United States from eight countries, dealing another legal blow to the administration’s third bid to impose travel restrictions.
Trump's controversial travel ban set to expire on Sunday
US President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban is set to expire over the weekend leaving the nationals from six Muslim majority countries in suspense.
Turks can travel to Germany with no fear: Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has brushed aside Turkey’s warnings to citizens about traveling to Germany, saying Turks arriving in the western European country would be much safer that Germans traveling to Turkey.
Court challenges expected for Trump’s new travel ban
A scaled-back version of US President Donald Trump's travel ban took force on Thursday, stripped of provisions that brought protests and chaos at airports worldwide in January, yet still likely to generate a new round of court fights.

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