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Appeals court: Trump exceeded authority with travel ban
A federal appeals court panel ruled that President Donald Trump once again exceeded the scope of his authority with his latest travel ban.
Second federal judge rules against Trump's latest travel ban
A second US judge has blocked US President Donald Trump's newest travel ban, saying it has basically targeted Muslims in violation of the US Constitution.
Malaysia bans travel to North Korea due to escalating tensions
The travel ban will be reviewed once the situation has returned to normal.
Sudan promises more efforts to normalize ties with US as travel ban lifted
The Sudanese government has vowed to do more to normalize ties with the United States after Washington removed the country from its travel ban list and amid reports that decades-old US sanctions on Khartoum could be lifted.
Trump imposes new travel restrictions
Zarif: Travel ban shows Trump’s fake empathy for Iranians
US President Donald Trump on Sunday slapped new travel restrictions on citizens from North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, expanding to eight the list of countries covered by his original travel bans that have been derided by critics and challenged in court.
Supreme Court blocks new refugees under Trump travel ban
The US Supreme Court gave a short-term win to the Trump administration Tuesday, bolstering part of a travel ban that will allow the administration to block new refugees arriving from six majority-Muslim nations.
N. Korea official: 'We don't care' about US travel ban
Washington's ban on US citizens travelling to North Korea will have no effect on the country's tourism industry and Pyongyang does not care about it "at all", a senior development official said Tuesday.
State Dept.: grandparents exempt from Trump travel ban
The US State Department has issued new instructions allowing the grandparents of US citizens who were previously included in President Donald Trump’s travel ban to be granted American visas.
Sublime Iranian scientist disgraces Trump’s travel ban
The American news channel CBS in a report on Saturday about the sad demise of Iranian math genius Maryam Mirzakhani referred to her as an instance of US President Donald Trump’s Travel Ban idiocy.
US sets new criteria for travel ban against Muslims
The administration of US President Donald Trump has defined new criteria for visa applicants from several Muslim countries and is set to implement them on Thursday, according to a US State Department memo.
In blow to Trump, US appeals court refuses to reinstate travel ban
In a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump, a US appeals court refused on Thursday to reinstate his travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority nations, calling it discriminatory and setting the stage for a showdown in the Supreme Court.
Federal judge in Hawaii extends order blocking Trump’s travel ban
A federal judge in Hawaii decided Wednesday to extend his order blocking President Donald Trump’s travel ban.
Protesters rally in New York over Trump's revised travel ban
Hundreds of US protesters have taken to the streets of New York City to express their resentment against President Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies.

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