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Top 10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Iran
Iran is blessed with a history of 7000 years. For anyone wishing to travel & explore the history of Asia, Iran is the place to travel & visit as it bears marks of almost all important historical events, from the rise of the Medians and Achaemenids to the Arab conquest of the region. The years along the ups and downs of the history have seen this country grow to a vastness of 5.5 million square kilometers under the Achaemenids, and shrink to the present size. Every city in Iran comes a long way down the line of history and has a story to tell. Today there are 23 registered UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran, from bazaars to palaces, temples and mosques, as well as natural heritages.
New technology promises to track single molecules traveling through the body
Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina, the US, have developed technology that could soon allow researchers to track a single drug molecule as it travels through the human body.
Stop traveling to save environment
Travelers have a lot to consider when planning a trip home for the holidays — Will the flight have Wi-Fi? Who will feed the cat while I’m gone? — but one thing they might not think about is the impact their traveling has on the environment.
Turkey cautions citizens against traveling to Germany
Ankara has warned Turkish citizens about traveling to “anti-Turkey” Germany, advising nationals to take precautions when visiting the European country.
Why I went traveling?
By: Brad Rimmelzwaan * While completing my engineering degree I won a scholarship to go on exchange to the National University of Singapore. I enjoyed making new international friendships and Singapore’s modern study environment, but most of all, I loved learning about the diverse Southeast Asian culture. Perhaps this was when I caught the travel bug, because when I was 23, I quit my civil engineering job to go traveling abroad.
Ways to reduce costs of traveling to Iran
Iran Hotel Management Society and Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization seek alternatives to reduce traveling costs.
More foreigners traveling to Iran
The number of foreign tourists arriving in Iran in the past five months increased by 200 percent compared with the corresponding figure of last year.

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