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Iran, Azerbaijanis’ first choice for receiving treatment
Iran is the first choice for many Azerbaijani patients who choose the country to receive relatively cheaper but high quality treatment.
Imprisoned top Bahraini activist taken to hospital after three months
Imprisoned prominent Bahraini activist Hajer Mansoor Hassan has been finally taken to hospital after being denied medical treatment for three months.
New life-saving cancer treatment tied to vision loss
A newer type of cancer treatment may offer the chance of longer survival, but the drugs could also trigger new side effects, such as vision problems.
UK Children needing specialist mental health treatment up by a third
The number of children referred by their schools for mental health treatment has spiked by a third in the past three years.
New device to help patients with rare disease access life-saving treatment
Patients with a rare medical condition can receive life-saving treatment at the touch of a button thanks to a new device developed by scientists.
New precision cancer model opens doors to personalized cancer treatment
Researchers at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) have developed an extremely powerful and versatile mouse model that will improve cancer research and accelerate pre-clinical testing of novel targeted therapies. Their work appeared in Nature Communications.
Diet, exercise can ease side effects of prostate cancer treatment
Exercise and healthy eating can counter the harmful side effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer, a new study suggested.
Why nutritional psychiatry is future of mental health treatment
A lack of essential nutrients is known to contribute to the onset of poor mental health in people suffering from anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Biophysicists discover how small populations of bacteria survive treatment
Small populations of pathogenic bacteria may be harder to kill off than larger populations because they respond differently to antibiotics, a new study by Emory University finds.
Diabetes gene discovery sparks hope for 'personalized treatment'
Scientists are preparing to unveil the genes they believe can actually protect people from type 2 diabetes.
Iranian-American on leave from prison for medical treatment
Baquer Namazi, an Iranian-American dual national imprisoned in Iran since early 2016, has not been released from jail, the spokesman of Iran’s judiciary said.
Bahrain’s treatment of clerics is extremely harsh, report says
A new report has been released documenting the harsh treatment of the Shia Muslim clerics in Bahrain since an uprising began in the country in early 2011.
Iraqi patients receiving medical treatment in Iran
Iraqi patients are receiving medical treatment in Iran based on the globally-accepted standards, an Iranian health official said on Saturday.
Consuming soy, broccoli, kale may help cut side effects of breast cancer treatment
The findings, led by researchers from Georgetown University, showed that intake of cruciferous vegetables and soy foods were associated with fewer reports of menopausal symptoms.

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