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Syrian army troops gain more ground in Eastern Ghouta
The Syrian government forces have managed to make further advances on the terrorists’ lines in militant-held Eastern Ghouta near the capital Damascus, tightening the noose around the foreign-backed terror groups, which have held captive several hundred thousands of people in the flashpoint enclave.
Syrian troops cut major roads in suburbs of Damascus
Syrian government forces succeeded Saturday in their deepest push yet into the eastern suburbs of the capital Damascus, cutting off a major highway that made it hard to move between three parts of the terror-held area, and inflicting a major blow to terrorists there.
Thousands of US troops in Israel for joint military drill
Thousands of US troopers have been stationed in Israel to participate in a joint military exercise with Israeli forces amid escalating tensions in the region.
Turkey cautions US troops against being targeted in Syria
Turkey has warned that American soldiers risk being targeted in northwestern Syria as the Turkish military pushes ahead with its offensive against Kurdish militants supported by the United States in the Arab country.
US deploys troops to occupied territories for joint war games with Israel
The US has deployed military forces to the Israeli-occupied territories ahead of a joint war game with Tel Aviv as the regime ramps up its threats of a new war against Lebanon.
Israeli court charges Palestinian woman over slapping of troops
Israeli authorities have brought charges against a Palestinian woman seen in video that went viral showing fully-armed Israeli soldiers being slapped and kicked in the occupied West Bank.
Turkey sends more troops to Qatar
A new batch of Turkish soldiers arrived at Turkey's military base in Qatar as part of a joint defense agreement between the two countries.
Turkey sends more troops to Qatar
A new batch of Turkish soldiers have arrived at Turkey's military base in Qatar as part of a joint defense agreement between the two countries.
No reason for US troops to remain in Syria: Russian envoy
Russia's special presidential envoy for Syria says there is no reason for US forces to remain in the Arab country which is nearing complete victory over terrorist groups.
Over 1,000 US troops to patrol with Afghans in 2018: US general
A top US military commander in Afghanistan has announced an increase in the number of forces patrolling with Afghan counterparts next year.
Lebanon urges border troops to stand fully ready in face of Israel threats
Lebanon’s army chief has ordered soldiers to stand fully ready on the country’s southern border to respond to the Israeli military’s ‘threats and violations.’
US deploys 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan
Approximately 3,000 additional American troops have now deployed to Afghanistan under President Donald Trump's revised strategy for the war-torn country, the Pentagon said Thursday.
NATO set to agree to boost troops in Afghanistan
NATO will increase the number of its troops in war-ravaged Afghanistan, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says.
3 Nigerian troopers killed in Boko Haram ambush in restive Borno state
At least three soldiers have been killed after being caught in an ambush by Boko Haram militants in northeastern Nigeria.
De-escalation zones don’t mean Turkish troops presence: Syria official
The Syrian government has welcomed an agreement on implementing lasting ceasefire in a de-escalation zone in the conflict-plagued Arab country, stressing such a consensus does not grant Turkish military forces authorization to stay in Syria.

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