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Iraqi base home to US troops comes under mortar attack north of Baghdad
The Iraqi military says unknown militants have launched three mortar shells into an air base just north of the capital Baghdad, where American trainers are present.
Israeli troops open fire on Palestinian security center, injure officer
Israeli forces have opened fire on a Palestinian security headquarters in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, injuring at least one Palestinian officer.
Russia: Syrian troops repel three big terrorist attacks in Idlib
Syrian government troops on Wednesday morning repelled three big attacks by terrorists in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
UK forces secretly join US troops in Persian Gulf on anti-Iran mission: Report
An unconfirmed report shows Britain has secretly sent troops to the Persian Gulf to help US forces in the region to counter an alleged threat from Iran.
Myanmar troops shoot dead six, detain scores over suspected rebel links in Rakhine
Myanmar security forces have shot dead at least six people and detained nearly 300 others in the troubled western state of Rakhine amid the ongoing fighting between the army and ethnic rebels.
UK deploys choppers, troops to deal with Russia’s “credible threat”
Britain has reinforced its controversial military presence near Russia’s border as part of a NATO military alliance mission as government authorities claim the threat from Moscow has become more credible.
US withdraws troops from Libya amid ‘increased unrest’
The US military has announced a temporary withdrawal of its forces from Libya amid an upsurge of fighting in the North African country.
Russia warns US over claims of Iran behind deaths of 600 troops
Moscow warned Washington over claims that Iran was behind the deaths of more than 600 US troops in Iraq, saying the allegation is aimed at escalating tensions with Tehran.
More Russian troops may arrive in Venezuela: Deputy foreign minister
Venezuela's Deputy Foreign Minister Ivan Gil says he does not rule out the possibility of more Russian military personnel arriving in his country based on agreements already reached between Caracas and Moscow.
American officials say many troops will remain in Syria in reversal of total pullout
American officials say the US has backpedaled on its plan for a total withdrawal from Syria and will keep a large portion of its forces on the ground there.
Syrian army attacks militant posts in Hama to avenge troops’ deaths
Syrian government forces, backed by allied fighters from popular defense groups, have carried out a major mop-up operation against foreign-backed Takfiri militants in the country’s west-central province of Hama to avenge troop casualties during a recent ambush by the extremists.
US ‘may pull some 1,000 troops from Afghanistan’
The United States may reduce the number of American troops in Afghanistan by at least 1,000, a US general says, attributing the decision to an efficiency drive by a new commander of NATO forces in the Asian country.
South Korea signs deal to hike payment for US troops
South Korea has signed a new deal to hike payment for maintaining US troops on its soil after President Donald Trump demanded that Seoul defray the cost.
Trump’s Iran comments spark Iraqi demands for US exit
President: Good ties with Iran fundamental for Iraq
Israel killed 3 Palestinians in 5 days: UN
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says Israeli troops shot dead three Palestinians and demolished 20 Palestinian-owned buildings in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds from January 15 to 28.

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