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Skinny cod, grey seal reveals troubling changes to food web in Baltic Sea
"It is important that you understand how the food web works when managing a fishery. It is not enough to manage how the fish and fisheries are changing. The availability and quality of food is at least as important", said Lena Bergström, researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources at the Swedish Agricultural University.
Troubling stats for kids with intellectual disabilities
By US federal law passed in 1975, children with intellectual disabilities are supposed to spend as much time as possible in general education classrooms.
Gap in quality between Indian gov’t and public schools troubling
At the Malleswaram school in Bengaluru, which consists of a few basic classrooms, a group of eight-year-old children sit on the floor, practicing their writing in Kannada, the local language. Their teacher does not speak English. They do not have desks. At lunch time, they again sit on the ground to eat their lunch. The government-run school is free of charge.
High C-section rate in Iran troubling
A Health Ministry official said hospitals have been banned from conducting Cesarean sections unless specialists deem such surgeries necessary.
Arthritis more troubling in rich countries
A study of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) finds that those in wealthy nations are more troubled by it, even though people in poor countries have more severe symptoms.

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