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One dead, buildings damaged as quakes strike Puerto Rico
A powerful earthquake followed by strong aftershocks struck Puerto Rico early on Tuesday (January 7), killing at least one person, knocking out power, and causing significant damage, authorities and media reported.
Indian couple rebuilds lives after losing own children to tsunami
Karibeeran Parameshvaran and his wife Choodamani contemplated suicide after losing three children to giant waves triggered by a 9.1-magnitude quake fifteen years ago.
Hunt for survivors as Indonesian tsunami death toll tops 370
Dozens of filled body bags were hauled away from buildings flattened by Indonesia's volcano-triggered tsunami Monday, as search teams pushed on with the grim hunt for corpses – and victims who may still be trapped alive under the rubble.
Iran sympathizes with Indonesia over deadly tsunami
Iran’s Foreign Ministry expressed deep regret over a deadly tsunami in Indonesia’s Sunda Strait that has killed more than 200 people.
Tsunami set off by volcanic eruption kills 222 in Indonesia
An eruption of one of the world's most infamous volcanic islands is believed to have triggered a tsunami that killed at least 222 people in Indonesia during a busy holiday weekend. The waves smashed onto beaches at night without warning, ripping houses and hotels from their foundations in seconds and sweeping terrified concertgoers into the sea.
'Surprise' Palu tsunami clue found on seafloor
Scientists are getting closer to understanding the tsunami that struck Palu in Indonesia in September.
Indonesia clamps down on looting as disaster toll tops 1,200
More than 1,200 people are now known to have died in the quake-tsunami that smashed into Sulawesi, Indonesia said Tuesday, as police pledged to clamp down on looting by survivors taking advantage of the chaos.
Hundreds killed in Indonesia quake-tsunami
Nearly 400 people were killed when a powerful quake sent a tsunami barreling into the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, officials said Saturday, as hospitals struggled to cope with hundreds of injured and rescuers scrambled to reach the stricken region.
Facts on the nature of tsunami
A once-exotic word that has now entered the everyday lexicon, a tsunami refers to a shock of water that spreads through the sea, usually after a subsea floor quake.
Beautiful handicrafts of Japan exhibited in Tehran
The exhibition 'Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku, Japan' opened in Tehran in a ceremony attended by and the head of international affairs of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, minister of the Japanese Embassy, diplomats, artists and enthusiastic people.
First came a catastrophic collapse, then a tsunami
More than 300,000 years ago, a massive chunk of rock broke off from Australia's continental shelf, triggering the largest undersea landslide ever known, per Science Alert.
Tsunami hits Japan after strong quake near Fukushima disaster site
A powerful earthquake rocked northern Japan early on Tuesday, briefly disrupting cooling functions at a nuclear plant and generating a small tsunami that hit the same Fukushima region devastated by a 2011 quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.
Powerful quake strikes near New Zealand, triggering tsunami
A powerful earthquake struck New Zealand's South Island early Monday, shaking awake residents, causing damage to buildings and prompting emergency services to warn people along the coast to move to higher ground to avoid tsunami waves.
New geological evidence aids tsunami hazard assessments
New data for frequent large tsunamis at a remote island near Dutch Harbor, Alaska provides geological evidence to aid tsunami hazard preparedness efforts around the Pacific Rim. Recent fieldwork in Alaska's Aleutian Islands suggests that a presently creeping section of the Aleutian Subduction Zone fault could potentially generate an earthquake great enough to send a large tsunami across the Pacific to Hawaii.

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