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Sun-exposed oyster mushrooms help patients fight tuberculosis
Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the deadliest infectious diseases in low income countries, with around 1.6 million people dying of the disease each year.
Researchers get closer to developing more reliable treatment for tuberculosis
Researchers at the he Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland have developed a new treatment for tuberculosis.
Dealing with tuberculosis? This 'game changer' drug can cure 9 in 10 patients
A new treatment for a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis can cure more than 90 percent of sufferers, according to a trial hailed as a ‘game changer’ in the fight against the global killer.
Fighting the world's deadliest infectious disease: how to tackle TB
It is the world’s deadliest infectious disease, killing almost two million people a year — more than HIV and malaria combined — but the fight against tuberculosis (TB) is still severely underfunded and neglected by politicians and decision-makers, experts warn.
Traces on George Orwell letter suggest he caught TB from Spanish hospital
Scientific tests carried out on a letter sent by George Orwell shortly after his return from the Spanish civil war suggested he may have caught tuberculosis that killed him in a Spanish hospital.
Tuberculosis epidemic larger than previously thought: WHO
The United Nations’ public health authority has criticized the international community for not doing enough to deal with the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, saying the infectious disease is taking more lives than thought.
Tuberculosis concern should be on par with Ebola
The risk of drug-resistant tuberculosis spreading through Papua New Guinea and into Australia should be just as concerning as the spread of Ebola in parts of Africa, World Vision chief executive Reverend Tim Costello said.
Iranians less susceptible to TB
Susceptibility to tuberculosis (TB) is lower in Iran compared to the rate in neighboring countries, said head of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Research Center.

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