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Britons, their unborn children at risk due to government inaction over toxic chemicals in everyday use, MPs warn
Ministers are ignoring a ‘cocktail of toxic chemicals’ in furniture, food packaging and children’s prams which could harm the health of Britons, even before they’re born, MPs have warned.
Mums-to-be 'should avoid eating crisps to protect their unborn child'
Eating too many crisps during pregnancy could have a negative effect on the development of the baby, a study suggests.
Older fathers put health of wives, unborn children at risk, study finds
Men who delay starting a family have a ticking ‘biological clock’ — just like women — that may affect the health of their wives and children, according to Rutgers (the State University of New Jersey) researchers.
Anesthesia sends neurons down the wrong path in unborn rat babies
While there has long been discussion whether exposure to anesthesia affects brain development, new Rush University Medical Center research published in the journal Cerebral Cortex describes how prenatal anesthesia in rats seems to disrupt the ‘precisely choreographed’ and timed migration of neurons to the area of the developing brain where thinking, memory and language occur.
Two unborn babies' spines repaired in womb in UK surgery
Two unborn babies had their spines repaired by surgeons, weeks before they were born.
Unborn children of obese women risk much shorter lives
Fat women wanting to conceive risk shortening the life of their babies by a year-and-a-half for each point over obese they are on the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale, a new study claimed.

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