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University of Toledo biologists search rivers for grass carp
University biologists in Ohio, the US, are scouring streams following tests that confirmed larvae from the invasive Asian grass carp were found for the first time in the Great Lakes watershed.
NMU science program seeks expansion
A science-based program at Northern Michigan University has grown from having no students three semesters ago to 230 students this fall.
University friends: By chance or by design?
Students often end up making lifelong friendships with the fellow "freshers" they find themselves placed next to in their accommodation – but what determines who lives alongside each other?
Hungarian university faces final deadline
A university in Hungary, created to foster democracy in post-communist central Europe, seems about to be pushed over the border into Austria.
British university given £1m bailout from watchdog
A UK university had to be given an emergency loan of almost £1 million by the higher education watchdog to stay afloat this autumn.
London-based university stops making unconditional offers
A London university said it is stopping making unconditional offers to would-be students, to ensure it maintains its entry standards.
Spanish university to set up Iranian studies chamber
Spanish University of Salamanca signed an agreement with Iran to establish a permanent seminar of Iranian studies.
Lebanon seeking expansion of cooperation with Ferdowsi University
A 30-strong Lebanese academic delegation visited Iran’s Ferdowsi University in northeastern city of Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, to find ways to develop relations with Iranian scientific center.
Oman opens new university cooperated by three Iranian universities
At the opening ceremony of Oman’s National University of Science and Technology in Muscat, the officials of new university thanked Iranian officials for helps to set up new academy in Oman.
Pakistani university to set up Persian department
A Persian language department will be established at Pakistan's prestigious Islamia College University in the northwestern city of Peshawar.
Westminster University students protest against anti-Muslim discrimination (Video)
Students at a London university have held a week-long series of events to protest against anti-Muslim discrimination. The Westminster University students say the institution's authorities are restricting their freedom of speech. Roshan Muhammed Salih reports from London, reported.
University principal defends gender pay gap
A university principal in the UK has defended the gender pay gap by arguing that “women have a natural tendency not to have a go”.
How class and social capital affect university students
There's a great deal of comfort to be had in the idea that success at university is primarily or exclusively the result of a student's hard work. All that's needed is for students to do their best and fairness will prevail. Students who don't apply themselves will fail. End of story.
Chief: IRNA planning to broaden cooperation with media, universities
Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency Seyyed Zia Hashemi announced that he is going to connect IRNA to universities in order to reflect the scientific and research achievements of the universities in an acceptable quality.

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