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Iran Air Force unveils first domestically-built wide-body drone
The Iranian Air Force has unveiled its first wide-body unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is fully designed and manufactured at home, as the country prepares for celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
SoftBank alum unveils 'affectionate' companion robot in Japan
Japanese startup Groove X, founded by an alumni of SoftBank Group Corp’s robotics unit, unveiled its first creation on Tuesday – a companion robot designed to make users happy.
Egypt unveils ancient tomb and sarcophagi in Luxor
Egypt on Saturday unveiled an ancient tomb, sarcophagi and funerary artifacts discovered in the Theban necropolis of Al-Assasif in the southern city of Luxor.
Iran unveils advanced airborne firefighting system
Iran unveiled a high pressure fire suppression system that can be carried by various aircraft to enable proportionate response in case of large-scale blazes.
Iran unveils three new homegrown medicines
Iranian Health Minister Seyed Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi unveiled three new domestically made medicines: two blood glucose-lowering drugs and a new type of antihistamine.
NASA unveils stunning 'blue dune' image seen on Mars
Mars may be known as the Red Planet, but it's a ‘blue dune’ image NASA has released that's got everyone talking.
Iran unveils first stem cell product
The first Iranian stem cell product was unveiled with the attendance of Iran’s Health Minister Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi on Sunday.
Iran public prosecutor unveils plots behind street unrests
Iran's Public Prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri on Thursday unveiled the masterminded plots by the US, the Zionists and Saudi Arabia aiming to trigger unrest in the country.
Europe unveils world's most powerful X-ray laser
The world’s most powerful X-ray laser has begun operating at a facility where scientists will attempt to recreate the conditions deep inside the sun and produce film-like sequences of viruses and cells.
NASA unveils visionary Mars rover
It looks like the futuristic space truck from Ridley Scott’s film 'Prometheus' but this is NASA’s visionary new Mars rover which could one day provide transport for manned missions to the Red Planet.
Microsoft unveils new laptop with new operating system
Microsoft Corporation unveiled a new hardware personal computer (PC) model together with a new software operating system slightly different from its previous Windows version.
Rouhani unveils Iran's new nuclear achievements
President Hassan Rouhani has unveiled two major nuclear achievements on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day.
Putin unveils deal with Tajikistan to bolster Tajik-Afghan border security
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has unveiled a deal with neighboring Tajikistan under which the two countries will intensify measures to jointly protect the Tajik-Afghan border using a Russian military base.
Boeing unveils new spacesuits for Starliner astronaut taxi
The NASA astronauts who fly aboard Boeing's new spaceship will wear sleek, blue suits that are lighter, simpler and more comfortable than the bulky orange gear of the space shuttle era, company representatives said.

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