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May urged to secure backstop concessions from EU
British Prime Minister Theresa May is being urged to secure changes from the EU to the Northern Irish backstop as part of her Brexit deal to get it past Parliament.
Council urged to bring forward target for net-carbon
The Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Newbury, the US, has called on the district’s councilors to bring forward its target to achieve a net zero carbon status.
Caution urged over use of 'carbon unicorns' to limit warming
Climate scientists meeting in Korea are being urged to avoid relying on untested technologies as a way of keeping global temperature rise under 1.5°C.
EU urged to ban early and forced child marriages
By Rangita de Silva de Alwis*
Gambia’s leader urged to avoid ‘bloodbath’
Mali’s president has urged the long-time leader of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, to step down from power and not cause a potential “bloodbath” in the African country by clinging on to power despite his election defeat and causing popular outrage.
May urged to pressure Bahrain regime on human rights
British Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged to pressure the government of Bahrain over resorting to crackdown to silence the voice of dissent in the Persian Gulf tiny nation, when she visits leaders of the country along with other regional Arab states.
Doctors urged to prescribe gardening for patients
Doctors should prescribe gardening far more often for patients with cancer, dementia and mental health problems, Britain's National Health Service (NHS) has been urged in a new report.
Councils urged to use bonds for infrastructure projects
Councils should use bonds to fund much needed green infrastructure projects such as renewable energy and flood defenses, according to the Lord Mayor of London.
US athletes urged to skip Rio Olympics over Zika threat
The US Olympic Committee has told American sports federations that athletes and staff worried for their health over the Zika virus should consider not going to the 2016 Olympic Games this summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Iran urged to review China import plans over weaker yuan
Concerns are rising in Iran that the falling value of the Chinese yuan could make imports from the country more expensive.
Aussies urged to be vigilant after racist rallies
Australian officials have called for vigilance against divisive plots following protests by dozens of anti-Muslim nationalists.
Obama urged to put commander-in-chief hat on
Former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge has called on US President Barack Obama to put his commander-in-chief hat on, criticizing his administration’s strategy for fighting the ISIL terrorists in the Middle East.
Obama urged to impose sanctions on China over hacking allegation
Republican presidential hopeful Senator Marco Rubio has called on US President Barack Obama to stop rhetoric against China and impose sanctions on the country over the hacking allegation.
President Obama urged to ‘pause’ Iran nuclear talks
US Republican Senator Bob Corker has called on President Barack Obama to stop the nuclear negotiations with Iran and not to make a “bad deal” with the country.
Congress urged not to interfere in Iran talks
US Secretary of State John Kerry has asked the US Congress to allow nuclear talks between world powers and Iran to proceed without interference as the self-imposed deadline for the negotiations looms.

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